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A Christmas party of our own...

Last night Mark & I went out to eat with Susan and Frederick for our annual Christmas Party. :) Every year we plan our own party - since Susan and Mark have been boycotting their company's Christmas party for the past 4 years... I guess morale is pretty low there and they both don't really want to spend time away from work with people from work... Each year we choose a pretty nice restaurant and go out to eat as a replacement for their work party... It's actually become a pretty nice tradition and a really nice way to see them both during the holiday season. :)

This year we went to Assagios in Mililani. :) The atmosphere there is nice - the food is tasty and not too pricey and best of all, Susan and Frederick live just 5 minutes away! :) It's always so nice to spend time with them - since we rarely get to see them! After dinner we all went back to Susan & Frederick's house and played with their cute dachshund, Toby. :) It was such a lovely evening! :)

It's always so nice to see Susan!!

The food at Assagios was delicious!! :)

Here we all are standing in front of Susan's Christmas tree. :) Toby is sooo big now!!

I'm off to catch up on all of your entries, and then I have to get down to business and study for my exam (grumble, grumble...) I'm almost halfway through with the reading for the study material so that's a good sign - I just hope I'll be ready to take it by Tuesday! Big *HUGS* to everyone!!
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