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It just isn't Christmas without a Sydney dog post! :)

Here's a look at our Christmas morning at the in-laws as seen through the eyes of our fuzzy dog. :)

A Very Fuzzy Christmas
-- by Sydney M. Dog

When we arrived at Mark's parents' house, it smelled wonderful - all that bacon and sausage cooking...
It was rather a disappointment to me that the only thing I got to eat was some of
Sheri's Boca sausage - SOOOO not the same as real meat, but Sheri seemed to enjoy it.... Bleah, I say!

After breakfast we headed to the living room to open gifts. :)
There were SO many gifts there - and I made sure I stuck my little nose in EVERY single one just to see if it was mine. :)

When I finally did find my gift, I was so excited!! :) It was a squeaky green frog!! :)

I also got some yummy "pup-oroni" sticks which Sheri made me beg for...
Oh, the indignity of it all! ;)

I like my green frog a lot, but he's very sassy and keeps taunting me!
I even had to stare him down to show him who was boss! ;)

Mark's sister Julie tried to show me the Sheltie on Sheri's new "The Dog" calendar,
but I wasn't too impressed... What's with the big nose? ;)

So ends another Christmas morning at the in-laws...
We are off in a bit to head to Sheri's Mom house to spend some time with her
neurotic fuzzy dog and eat some sushi - YUM!!
Hope you are all having a wonderful Christmas!! Big *fuzzy HUGS* to all of you!!!
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