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A belated Christmas re-cap... Sydney mentioned in her post below, we all had a marvelous Christmas! There were a lot of wonderful surprises throughout the day, lots of great food, but of course the nicest part was getting to spend so much time with both sides of our family!!

For once I didn't find out what Mark got me for Christmas, until I opened my gift (I usually suck and unintentially find out what my gift is each year when I unknowingly attempt to buy it myself before Christmas...) He got me a video i-Pod - which I love! My little i-Pod mini that he got me two years ago was GREAT, but it was already full and he thought it was time for me to get an upgrade. :) Spent most of the Christmas morning loading it up with songs, my favorite "Queer as Folk" episode (#307 - when Michael confronts Ben in "the needle scene"), and my new favorite movie "Lightning Bug" (but more on the movie a little later...)

Of all my gifts, though I think the most touching was the gift from my boss and her daughter... I'd always talked to her about my admiration for Barak Obama for years and how he was going to be our next President and she kept laughing and saying that she didn't know who he was... For Christmas, she and her daughter bought me his new book "Audacity of Hope" and I've been reading it pretty much non-stop all weekend - when I really should be studying for my exam from hell which is tomorrow! It was an extremely thoughtful and personal gift and I was blown away by how perfect it was!

Mark really liked the portable video screen I got for his i-Pod. :) Now he can stick his video i-Pod in and watch his movies on a larger screen when he's at home - the best part is that he doesn't need his earphones and he doesn't have to squint at his small screen anymore. :)

There are SOOO many things I want to write to write about... my love for Mr. Obama's new book, Robert Hall and "Lightning Bug" (which was one of the best surprises all weekend for me!), and how I think I'm going to fail my A&H exam tomorrow, :P... but they're all going to have to wait because I'm running just a wee bit late for work (what else is new?) ;)

Hope you're all having a lovely week!! Big *HUGS*!! :)

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