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2006 was definitely a GREAT year for theatre!! (My theatrical re-cap of the year)

I did this last year, so I thought I should continue the tradition... I may stop with this year, though since the below took me about 3 hours to write... :P


January was actually a pretty big month for theatre, in mid-January, Mark & I went to NYC and saw a bunch of great shows! On January 12th we saw Light In the Piazza which was lovely, even though we missed David Burnham as Fabrizio. On January 13th we saw Spelling Bee, which was funny and got to meet the cast at the stage door after the show. On January 14th we got to see Dirty Rotten Scoundrels - sadly with no Nobert :( and Sweeney Todd. We ended our trip on January 15th with Spamalot (with no Chris Sieber!) :(, and Rent. Some highlights of the trip: seeing Victoria Clark's performance in Piazza, and hearing Will Chase sing (oh my gosh, that man has a voice!!) in Rent for the very first time! In the process we got to meet fellow theatre lover and LJ friend bigrivermusical and I got to finally meet the warm and wonderful Gregory Jbarra at the DRS stage door. :)

Mark & I also traveled to LA in late January and saw City of Angels 3 times at Reprise. :) January 27th, when we got SOOO utterly lost coming back to the hotel :P, January 28th (matinee) which was the show that I got to speak with Tami and Kevin - who told me all about "It Came From Beyond" and his addiction to "Skating with Celebrities" ;), and January 29th when Mark & I had front row seats! :) During this trip, we also got to see Diva at Pasadena Playhouse, Bark at Coast Playhouse (to see Mindy as Chanel!), and on January 30th saw the incredible one night only concert of Last 5 Years at Reprise starring Jason Robert Brown and Julia Murney. :) We also got to see a lot of theatre friends that night - bigrivermusical, Linda, Corliss and Diane, Sharon, Netalee, and Steven.


It Came From Beyond - what a cute and delightful show that was!! I saw it three times that weekend - Feb 17th with lindasings where the rain and traffic was so bad that I didn't think poor Linda would ever make it there :(, two times on Feb 18th - the matinee with cahwyguy, his lovely family, and ellipticcurve and then the evening show with Netalee, her friend Shanee, and Steven. Aside from Kevin being fabulous in the show, I got to meet Cornell Christiansen - who is the writer and producer of the show - who was more than sweet to me the entire time I was there - not to mention Heather Marie Marsden who is just a sweetheart and who has become one of my favorite people since. :)

I also got to see Tami in Never Gonna Dance on February 19th and got to see the VERY charismatic David Engel on stage for the first time! This was also the trip that I saw the AMAZING Fractured Broadway concert on February 20th where I saw ALL of my favorite people in one room - Nick, Kevin, Bets, Julie, Misty,... I could go on and on (but I won't - lucky you!) ;) I got to see my good friends Bobbie and Brooke for the concert, which I loved and ran into Steven there as well.

Mark & I also got to see Enchanted April at Diamond Head Theatre on February 9th. It was a pretty good straight play and was directed by the multi-talented Randl Ask - who I discovered was one of the most talented stage actors we have in Hawaii. :)


Mark & I saw The Mystery of Edwin Drood at Diamond Head Theatre on March 30th and though we enjoyed the unique-ness of the show, we wished we could see it staged in another venue.


I Love A Piano - this was a great revue - if only to see Kevin and Julie onstage together again! :) April 27th when Kevin, Julie, and I got into a lengthy discussion about Goldstar, April 28th - when Julie gave me the cutest necklace - what a sweetheart she is, and again on April 30th - in which I got to see the show with careleswhisper, karmastxy, and rripley :). It was also the show that Kevin told me that I was more demanding than his agent. ;)

Also, during this trip, I was fortunate enough to have been able to see Kristi in Bark at Coast Playhouse on April 29th - where I got to meet Blake Pullin and Katy Blake for the first time. :) I also got to see Jay Johnson: The Two and Only that evening at the Colony Theatre with Steven - which was a heartwarming and hilarious show. On the 30th, I also went to see The Studio at South Coast Rep - where the playbill fell off my lap during a particularly quiet moment in the show and embarrassed the hell out of me! :P


Mark & I were SOOOO fortunate to have seen the Diamond Head Theatre production of La Cage aux Folles on May 26th - it was clearly THE BEST show that Diamond Head Theatre produced all year! What made it so incredible was Randl Ask's performance as Albin - it was... beyond words!! Here's my review of the show. :)

I also made a short weekend trip to LA to see Bets in Grease at Fullerton Civic Light Opera. :) I saw the show twice that weekend, both on May 27th - where Bets was sweet enough to make my theatre experience one of the most wonderful of the year. :) On this trip, I was also fortunate enough to see Misty in Little Egypt at the Matrix Theatre - which I loved - and seeing lindasings and Julie in the audience made it all the more special to see. :) I also got to see Me Too at the Stella Adler Theatre (with lindasings) :). Here are my comments on both shows that day. :)


This was my Johnny Guitar trip!! I saw the show a total of 4 times during the trip: June 16th when I met lindasings for the show and ate a GREAT baked potato with mushroom gravy before the show at Clearman's Northwoods Inn - it was the show that I got to meet Alan Campbell and when we had a long discussion about Hawaii - and he won me over by speaking pidgin english. :D, June 17th when I met careleswhisper, karmastyx, and rripley for the evening show. :) It was when I got to meet Michelle Duffy and when Laura told Kevin how much she didn't like Art Levine (Haha!!), and finally on June 18th I was able to catch both the matinee and evening performances - being joined by cahwyguy and his family in the evening. Wonderful, wonderful show - probably the best that I'd seen all year of Kevin's... :)

In addition, I drove out to Riverside to see Bets in Evita on June 17th. :) Bets was incredible in the show and it was nice to see Gerald Sternbach, and Julie Ann in the audience that day! :)


This was probably my most successful theatre trip this year... I was able to see 6 shows in three days. :) I saw Kevin in Anything Goes at Musical Theatre West three times: July 14th - it was the day I went with Steven and got to finally meet John Massey, Jr and got to hear Kevin's "offensive" Chinese accent ;), and then two shows on July 16th. :)

This was also the trip that I managed to squeeze three shows into one day! :) On July 15th I saw tick, tick...BOOM! at the Coronet Theatre, then I headed (more like RUSHED) to the Pasadena Playhouse to see Julie in I Do, I Do, and then stayed to see Misty in The Last 5 Years. :) What a wonderful day of shows that was - each of them incredible in their own way and to see Tami, Julie, and Misty in VERY different, very wonderful performances was incredible!! I also met cahwyguy and his family for I Do, I Do.

Mark & I also got to see Diamond Head Theatre's production of Into the Woods on July 20th.


Mark & I went to LA to see Kevin sing in the California Philharmonic Concert on Aug 12th. In the process, we also got to see Lizard at NoHo Arts Center on Aug 11th, tick, tick...BOOM! at the Coronet Theatre and Curtains at the Ahmanson on Aug 13th. The highlight of the concert was seeing that HUGE sign that Kevin made for his CD display "I don't know WHAT I was thinking," he told me. :D


Since there was no traveling to LA for me this month - Mark & I had a month full of local theatre. On Sept 15th we saw a GREAT local production of Urinetown at Manoa Valley Theatre and on Sept 28th we saw a local version of Thoroughly Modern Millie at Diamond Head Theatre.


I made a VERY short weekend trip to see Bets and Julie in The Marvelous Wonderettes on Oct 8th. :) Met cahwyguy and his family for the show, but one of the nicest surprises was seeing Misty (who drove in from Utah for the weekend) at the show!! :D I also saw VMT's Beehive and got to see Kathleen Hennessey on stage for the first time - what talent she has!! And last, but certainly not least, I got to see the opening night of Man of La Mancha at the Rubicon Theatre and got to meet the hottness that is Joseph Fuqua in person at the after party. :)


In November, Mark & I traveled to LA one last time... We got to see David Burnham FINALLY play to role of Fabrizio in Light in the Piazza at the Ahmanson on Nov 11th. The highlight of that experience had to be meeting David after the show - what a warm and lovely person he is!! That night, we also saw Musical of Musicals, the Musical at the Colony Theatre - I have to say that it wasn't one of my favorites... On Nov 12th Mark & I made the long drive down to Escondido to see Kevin, Tami, Katy, and Damon in My Way at the Welk Resort. :) It was SOOO great to see a cast of my favorite people in the same show!! :) That evening, we headed back to Pasadena to see Sister Act - which we both loved - if only to see the stunning performances of Beth Malone and David Jennings. :D

Finally, our trip ended with an incredible evening at the Ovation Awards on Nov 13th. Though my choices didn't win, it was lovely to see Kevin and Julie, Bets and Steve, Heather, and Todd again. :) I also ran into Corliss and Diane there. :)


Mark & I got to see one last show this year - Cinderella at Diamond Head Theatre on Dec 7th when a little girl in the audience reminded me why I love live theatre so much. :)

That comes out to a total of 54 shows throughout the year, 2 concerts, and one awards show... ten round trip tickets... over 55,500 frequent flier miles earned... Gosh - I'm getting tired just thinking about all that jet lag! ;) It's been such a WONDERFUL year of incredible theatre memories for me and I wanted to thank all of you for putting up with my theatre babble all year. I'm looking forward to a 2007 filled with as many wonderful theatre memories. :) Big, happy *SIGH*

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