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First of all, I wanted to thank you...

...SO MUCH for your supportive and insightful comments in my last post. I took some time this weekend to re-evaluate my job situation and spent some much needed quality time with Mark & Sydney (something I haven't been able to do a lot lately) and just unwind... In the light of a new day, part of me thinks that the whole job thing was beginning to feel a little like I was giving up - just as things were getting tough... I knew the job would be difficult when I took it, and I knew that working so closely with my BIG boss was going to be a challenge (maybe I didn't realize the extent of it...) and when all is said and done, the fact still remains that I really do still think I can make a difference.

That, though, in no way means that I might not want to try to explore other options... This University job sounds like something I'd LOVE to do and I really don't think it hurts to inquire. I just think that I don't have the same frantic-ness I had when I began the weekend to get out of my current situation. And I know that once the week gets started again and the pace picks up to a ridiculous level, I'll probably re-think this... but what I have to keep reminding myself is the reason WHY I took the job in the first place.

So again, I wanted to thank you all SO MUCH for the wonderful feedback the other day. I know that I still have a lot of mulling over to do about my priorities - this industry and whether it's something I really want to stay in for the rest of my life... and my future as a whole... When it comes down to it, I'm really no closer in figuring any of this out this morning, but at least I'll be able to drag myself to work with a much better attitude and if nothing else, this weekend has reminded me WHY I'm in this business to begin with...

Once again, I'd like to thank you all for your words of advice in my last post. I know that I always say it, but I have the best LJ friends around!! Big *HUGS* to all of you!! I'm off to get ready for work... :)

Edited to add: I'm sorry I haven't been able to reply yet to all of your comments to my last post or comment on any of your entries since I have to run to work, but I promise to get to them all tonight!! Big *HUGS* again to everyone - I really, REALLY appreciate all of your feedback this weekend!!

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