Sheri (shutterbug93) wrote,

I think my BIG boss...

...might be heading for a meltdown soon... Poor guy - I know he's not always the easiest person to work for, but I still think he has a really good heart and sometimes I worry that he's wound too tightly. :(

Speaking of which, on Saturday, Mark & I are attending a memorial service for the infant son of one of my co-workers. Life can be so ridiculously unfair at times... I can't even imagine what he and his wife must be going through right now... their son was only a little over a year old. :( It's just incredibly, INCREDIBLY sad! :( If you can, please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers. :(

In other news, Sydney seems to be improving everyday. :) Her demanding personality has re-surfaced and she's gone back to stealing my pillow each night before I go to sleep. ;) Mark & I have decided to continue to feed her cooked meals and to fore-go the regular dog food, at least for now. She's even taken to drinking some of my Life Water. :)

And in keeping with the happier tone of the last paragraph, I finally have my tentative theatre schedule for my mid-May trip to LA:

Saturday, May 12th (mat): Light In the Piazza at OCPAC (David *SIGH* Burnham) :)
Saturday, May 12th (eve): Possibly Seven Brides for Seven Brothers at Fullerton Civic Light Opera
Sunday, May 13th (mat): No Strings at Reprise! (YAY for Bets!!)
Sunday, May 13th (eve): Annie Get Your Gun in Redondo Beach! (YAY for Misty!) :)

If anyone is in the area and interested in catching a performance of any of the above shows with me, please let me know - I'll be traveling solo this trip and I'd love to see you guys!! :)

Finally, the in-laws are taking us out on Saturday night for a dinner at Alan Wong's for a combination celebration of my birthday and my sister-in-law Julie's birthday. :) They don't have too many veggie entrees, but I love their mushroom risotto there, so I think I may order that! :)

I hope you're all having a nice week... I'm off to get some work done on Ronn's site and then bother my fuzzy dog. ;) Big HUGS to everyone!!

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