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Because I'm not only about the sad...

In light of all my sad posts recently, I thought I'd post something a little happier today...

The Tell-Tale Signs That Sydney-Dog is Getting Better
  • The little spring in her step and twinkle in her eye that had been gone all these months has returned!! :D
  • She's gone back to munching on EVERYTHING in our damn house like there's no tomorrow :)
  • There's noticeable weight gain around her little fuzzy butt (so unlike her bony sickly other self)
  • Her insistence on stealing my pillow every night and NOT giving it up even after MUCH prodding by me has returned. ;)
  • There's LOTS and LOTS of suspicious new fur growing INSIDE her little fuzzy ears (what's that about?)
  • Her fur feels healthy again (she had lost the lustre in her coat and was shedding a lot when she was ill)
  • She's once again turned into my little fuzzy alarm clock and will NOT let me sleep past 6:30am. ;)
  • Her insistence on being INSIDE the refrigerator whenever the door is opened is back. ;)
But most of all...
  • Her little diva doggie attitude has returned :)
And Mark & I couldn't be happier! :)
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