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Bentos, scary neighborhoods, and camera phones?

Once every pay period I'll treat myself to lunch outside of the branch... Since I've been really good these past two weeks, eating only left overs from home and 99 cent instant saimin bowls, AND since tomorrow is payday, I decided to go out and buy lunch. :) I ended up going to Shirokiya and eating one of their bentos (boxed lunches) and it was great - but a little too filling because when I got back from lunch, it was such a struggle to stay awake for the rest of the day... :P It's so funny how I'll save money until I have ramen coming out of my ears - just so I can save money for my theatre trips... Sheez, priorities a little out of whack, Sheri? :P

Also, apparently there was an incident yesterday outside of Pearl City Longs where a fight broke out and someone pulled a gun... The only reason I know this is because my friend Susan was stuck INSIDE the store at the time... YIKES! That's way too scary... And I'll admit that I've seen something similar outside of a diner in New York once, but this is Hawaii... This is supposed to be the safe place to raise children... And Pearl City is supposed to be one of our better neighborhoods - it's where I grew up... I guess no place is safe these days. :(

Mark is extremely happy because he finally decided to upgrade his cell phone... He got the Nokia model with the camera, color screen display, etc. :) He excitedly emailed me from work saying that he finally got out of the dark ages and got a new phone. I still have the old Nokia that's JUST a phone and not a camera or video camera... I know that I spend a lot of time on my cell phone, but personally I don't see the need to have it be anything else but just a phone right now. Although I have to admit that I'm a little anxious to see his phone when it comes in. :)

I remember when I went to see Kevin in "City of Angels" I was holding my phone because I was expecting a call from Bobbie & Sumi who I was meeting later at the hotel. I asked him if I could take a picture of him and he said, "Of course." Then when I reached into my purse to get my camera he laughed and said, "Oh, alright...I thought you were going to take a picture of me with your phone." Now if Mark is with me, I can! :)

I think I'm going to turn in early (don't know the reason for my recent sleepiness) - But I wanted to apologize if I didn't get to all of your journals tonight. I'll get to them tomorrow morning - I promise! :)

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