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I stole this from cahwyguy a while back...

Make a comment in this entry. I'll go to your profile, pick 3 userpics and interests, and then you explain them in your journal.

cahwyguy picked these for me:


1. 2. 3.
  1. Diefenbaker icon - My third favorite (and sometimes, depending on the episode, my 2nd favorite) character in due South. Dief is Constable Fraser's lovable, deaf, pastry-eating half wolf who saved Fraser's life one day and hasn't left his side since. In true due South fashion, it was established that Dief could actually read lips. :) I've already told Mark that our next dog is going to be a Malamute and I'm going to name him Dief ;) - too bad that the real Diefenbaker was a conservative Canadian politician. :(

  2. Susan icon - One of the few icons I have that features my RL Hawaii friends. Susan is my closest friend and everyone thought that she and I looked exactly alike and used to call us "twins". It got so bad that people would even mistake us for each other! I use this icon whenever I speak about the monthly dinner nights I have with Susan. :)

  3. Sydney - couch icon - This photo was actually taken by Mark as a test shot for a new camera he'd bought a long time ago. But I loved the expression on Sydney's face so much that it's become my standard "sad" icon. Gotta love my fuzzy - she's SO expressive!! :)


  1. Volunteer Work - My real passion! It's why I joined the Jaycees and it's why I spent SOOOO many years heading the state's Community Development program. Some of my favorite organizations to do volunteer work are: HUGS (Help, Understanding, and Group Support), Ronald McDonald House, Hawaii Cerebral Palsy Foundation, and Adult Friends for Youth. It's been a while since I've been able to do volunteer work, now all I have time to do is donate money to these organizations... :(

  2. Norm Lewis - My favorite musical theatre performer who I have NEVER seen on stage! I first fell in love with his gorgeous voice listening to the cast recording of Side Show and discovering and loving A New Brain only added fuel to my Norm Lewis fire. His voice is like gold... Truly one of the best on Broadway, I think anyway...

  3. Brooks Institute of Photography - It's my alma mater and where I got my Bachelor's Degree in Photography almost 15 years ago. It's a great professional photography school in Santa Barbara and I still think one of the better schools out there for photography. Question is do I use my photo degree at all? :P I think we all know the answer to this question... Bleh...

So, there you have it - my answers. :) Please respond to this post and I will give you my pick of three icons and three interests to explain in your journal. :) Thanks in advance for participating! :)
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