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UGH... I feel so uninspired...

I have a TON of web work to do - mostly for a new local business site I've been working on for awhile, but for the life of me, I can't seem to put anything together that I remotely like... :P For days I've been fiddling around with colors, fonts, and graphics and still everything looks pretty blah... The best that I could come up with was this which doesn't look too awful, but I haven't the slightest clue as to how I'm going to run the links down the side in a circular pattern... :P

And if being uninspired wasn't hard enough, I've been getting distracted a lot by silly things; due South fan fiction, MySpace (the killer of most of my time lately - that place is so evil!), and trying to find decent airfare for my July trip to LA. :P I know I should be working, but procrastinating with lovely slash fiction is so much more inviting! ;)

On an LA theatre note, Bets' show No Strings is opening tomorrow night. :) I can't wait to see her in it this weekend! Please don't get me wrong, I love her as Suzy in the Wonderettes, but getting to see her as a completely different character is really going to be a treat. She really is one of the best character actresses in LA. :)

Speaking of Bets' shows, would any Northern CA LJ friends like to meet up for a showing of "1776" at Sacramento Music Circus? I was planning to fly in to see the show during the weekend of September 1st and 2nd and I just read that tickets are going on sale May 14th. If anyone is interested - bigrivermusical, alligatorandme, ajayne... please let me know - I'd love to see you guys! :)

I'd better run and get some actual work done... Hope you all are having a nice week! Big HUGS!!
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