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Going home? So soon? :(

I called my Mom yesterday morning to wish her a Happy Mother's Day (and Mark & I are taking her and the in-laws out to P.F. Chang's when I get home...) because she's away on the Big Island visiting my grandmother. Seems my grandmother is doing much better, health-wise and though she does get attacks of pain from the gall-stones from time to time, she's generally in good health and in good spirits. She constantly yells at my Mom to "go home" and she still makes fun of her a lot so she must be feeling better. :)

I committed a HUGE theatre no-no :(

For the very first time since 1776 I was actually late for the curtain of a show!! :( The traffic was SOOO bad yesterday (there was an accident on the 105 and a stalled car on the 405) that I was about 10 minutes late for the 2pm showing of No Strings!! :( I HATE being late for anything, much less a show! Thankfully, though my seats were down in front, they were on the end. If they were middle seats, I may have done the 1776 thing, and sat in the courtyard until the 2nd act. :P Thank goodness that Bets doesn't come on until about 40 minutes into the first act anyway... :) At least I didn't miss her performance.

No Strings - again!!

The show yesterday, as a whole, was MUCH stronger than the night before! I was able to get into the show a bit more yesterday (possibly because of my close seats) and I definitely enjoyed it a lot more. The costumes, were simply gorgeous - to see the detail in them up close was almost breath-taking! Bets was wonderful, as always, stealing every scene she was in and doing it so effortlessly. :) She really, REALLY excels in character roles like this - possibly her strongest attribute is bringing real genuine likability to these sometimes outrageous characters - which, at times, is not an easy feat.

Got to see my friend Marina and her mother at the show yesterday - which was one of the highlights of my day. Marina and I had met at Kevin's Calphil concert in 2002 and had seen many a Kevin show together throughout the years. For some reason, we seemed to have lost touch over the last two. It was SOOO nice to see her again - I've missed her so much! Bets was even sweet enough to take a picture of the two of us together. :)

After the show - meeting Matthew Ashford, etc...

Speaking of Bets, I spoke with her briefly after the show and really, she is just the sweetest person! I mentioned to her the other day that I had grown up watching Search For Tomorrow and as a teenager, I was basically in love with the character of Cagney McCleary - who was played by Matthew Ashford (who incidently is Bets' love interest in No Strings). So after embarrassingly admitting my fan-girly crush the other day, Bets was sweet enough to say that she wanted to introduce me to Matthew and she wanted to get a photo taken of me with him.

I was about to protest, because I thought I might make a HUGE fool of myself in front of him -- (I rarely get tongue-tied and fan girly in front of performers, but because my teenage crush was just that - a crush - I was afraid I'd revert back to that giggly teenager...) :P But before I could, Bets was saying that she talked to him about me and the next thing I knew she was rushing off to get him...

She introduced the two of us and I literally, though I'm not sure what actually came out of my mouth, meant to say, "I grew up watching you on Search for Tomorrow and Cagney McCleary was my favorite character!" I don't know what I actually said, but he seemed to get the gist. :) He said, "Wow, Cagney McCleary - that was a long time ago." We spoke about a bunch of other things like him being Thomas Jefferson in 1776 opposite Bets' Martha in Sacramento this September, Urinetown, and a bunch more that my brain is a bit too fuzzy right now to remember... It was SOOO nice of Bets to do that for me, it was very thoughtful of her and it really made my little fan girly heart happy. :)

He looks SOOO much more stunning in person, I have to say... :)

I will end this here for now... I have to check out of my hotel room soon and I'm stuck online trying purchase my 1776 Music Circus tickets. I will update in detail when I return home of the wonderful, WONDERFUL evening I had last night seeing Misty in Annie Get Your Gun :) Hope you all have a wonderful start to your week. :) HUGS!

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