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Sydney update...

First of all, thank you, THANK YOU to everyone for your good thoughts and prayers for Sydney!! It really does mean a lot to us and we couldn't be more thankful for all of your support!! You guys are the best!!

Sydney was pretty much the same today, maybe a tad bit better... One of the differences, of course, was that the sedative wore off and each time she tried to move, her dizziness would freak her out... which was both scary and sad to have to witness. :( The entire day she was unable to move from a lying position... though she tried extremely hard to get up when I came home, but never really succeeded... It was really sad to see. :(

We were afraid that she wouldn't eat (she's a pretty finicky eater normally) or drink enough water so while Mark held her in his arms I took a syringe and shot water into her mouth several times. The same thing with her food... Mark held her while I put the food in her mouth... It began to remind me of the time she was REALLY ill and refused to eat when she was 6... :(

Whenever Mark or I would pick her up, she'd FIGHT us, arch her back, her eyes would do this strange rapid side-to-side movement and she'd crane her neck back so far that we thought she'd break into two. :( At first it was scary for us to see her freak out like that, then after we got used to it, it was just sad to see... Poor dog! As if she hasn't already been through enough! :(

The good news is that she seems to recognize us and "wants" to get up - it's a shame she can't, though... But that seems like a good sign, right? And once she's been sitting up for a while and Mark is holding her up (she can't sit up by herself at all...) that weird rapid eye side-to-side movement stops for a while and she'll look okay... until something else happens and she starts arching her back and craning her neck again... :(

Even when she wasn't doing the eye-movement thing, she still swayed her head from side to side. :(
She also was panting a lot - even though we had a fan circulating air next to her, it was a pretty hot day. :(

I wish I could stay home with her all day tomorrow, but I've already committed myself to volunteering to work at the 50th State Fair in a hamburger booth - which isn't required, but has something to do with my night classes. We're hoping that she feels better tomorrow and is able to, at least, sit up...

Thank you so much to everyone again for all your good thoughts and prayers!! Mark & I feel so incredibly blessed to have such wonderful friends like all of you! Big HUGS to everyone!!
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