Sheri (shutterbug93) wrote,

Follies & Father's Day...

Mark & I went to Diamond Head Theatre tonight and watched a performance of "Follies". It was a little odd to be seeing a show in Hawaii (I have to admit it's the first local production I've gone to in almost 10 years...) but he and I were both pleasantly surprised at the talent on stage. Some of the directing choices were a bit questionable - but by and large it was a pretty good production.

Some of the cast was even better than the cast we saw in LA - though I have to say Harry Groener was a much stronger Buddy and Kevin was much better as Young Ben (and no, I'm not biased at all ;)) in the LA production. But I'm happy because now Mark & I have finally found a theatre company that we enjoy going to here. :) And it wasn't until Mark pointed it out that I noticed it was exactly one year ago (June 14, 2002) that we went to see Kevin in "Follies" in LA. Talk about coincidences...

In non-theatre related news: I bought a tiny hand bouquet to take with me to Punchbowl tomorrow for Father's Day. I feel a little bad because it's been a while since I've been there (I used to go every weekend with my Mom) - but lately I've only been going on special occasions like his birthday, Father's Day, Christmas, and New Years. My Mom still goes quite frequently, I think. I can't believe he's been gone for 12 years now... I don't want to turn this into a depressing post or anything - but some days are harder for me to deal with than others and I guess Father's Day is just one of them. :(
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