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Sydney is maybe a little better today...

...she doesn't crane her neck so far back when we pick her up today and her side to side freaky eye movement thing has slowed a bit. She still can't get up, though - even though she tries. Her legs seem to not work and do nothing to support her when we try to get her back on her feet... :( She can't even seem to sit up for longer than 2 or 3 seconds without falling over (and to sit up takes GREAT effort!) But tonight she did actually drink water by herself from her bowl (even though we had to hold it up to her...) so that must be a good sign, right?

It's REALLY hard for us to see her like this. We can see she wants to get up and walk around, but she can't even hold her own head up for longer than 2 or 3 seconds without swaying and falling back down. :(

I did some research on the internet and came up with this which explains the whole vertigo thing. Apparently it's not uncommon in older dogs and some owners, not knowing what it is mistakenly put their dogs down because they can't stand to watch them in this state... :( I know it takes some time and I need to be patient, but I just want poor Sydney to be alright! :(

And today I really wanted to stay home with her to monitor her condition, but I had committed myself to volunteering at the 50th State Fair for my teacher... I might as well go ahead and explain what kind of classes I'm taking since this post will make no sense otherwise...

I think the reason I never mentioned it before was because to some, it seemingly came out of nowhere, and possibly to others, it may seem to have resulted from a fandom. I assure you both cases are not true... I've had an interest in this since high school and have always wanted to pursue higher education in it, however I didn't realize that such a comprehensive program was available through night school here in Hawaii. And yes, I admit that a show that I'd seen recently made me realize that I still did have an interest in it, but it wasn't because of the show (or any performer of said show...) REALLY...

And I know a few of my LJ friends have been taking similar classes, so I didn't want it to appear as though I'm "jumping on the band-wagon" either - but here it is... I've been taking ASL/Interpreter classes at KCC. So, in keeping with that, today was spent working at the 50th State Fair in a French Fry booth, being practically the only hearing person, to take customer orders for the others.

It was great - and because I knew NO ONE (my teacher was in the wagon next to mine with two other students from our class) I wasn't babied at all when it came to them explaining things or trying to talk with me. It was like being thrown into the fire (so to speak.) It was wonderful and I met so many nice people - not the least of which was an ASL instructor who teaches at my old high school. My weakness is the actual signing, I can receive information pretty well... My vocabulary isn't too bad, but my grammar really sucks! :( (For some reason I can't wrap my mind around ASL grammar) :( It was just nice to be inundated with all that information and have the chance to have all that interaction. Not to mention meeting such nice people!

But it was HOT and I think I lost 2 or 3 pounds from all the rushing around in the small, stuffy little wagon. Thank goodness the trades were back!! And thank goodness that it was only a french fry booth - my teacher was in a hamburger booth next to us and it felt like an oven in there! :P I'm going back to volunteer again next week Sunday (since most of you already know that I don't do Father's Day...very well, at least)

Finally, on a web note, the local business site that I was working on had me halt production on their site. Unfortunately due to monetary constraints they're putting a hold on the site indefinitely. :( It's sort of okay for me though because that site had "disaster" written all over it from the get go. :( So with Kara's site completed (and she was such a joy to work with) and this site on hold - I will probably spend my free time this weekend reading lovely due SOUTH slash since it's been SOOO long since I've had spare internet time... :)

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend. And thanks again for all the good thoughts for Sydney - they are always SO appreciated!! HUGS!
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