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Can't sleep...

I'm worried about Sydney. :( I read some things online and it says that cases of vertigo in dogs that are curable usually go away within 5 to 7 days - the unsteadiness and head tilting last for possibly weeks... I shouldn't have read all of that - I'm going to have to call the vet first thing tomorrow morning, just to ask whether it's normal that more than a week has passed and Sydney still can't stand up. :(

Somehow I just can't shake this bad feeling that I have that it's something a lot more serious than we think... She does bark once in a rare while, she tries to play with her toys, drinks water by herself out of her dish, which all seem like good signs, but for whatever reason, her back legs will not support her. It's as if she's forgotten how to use them... :( I'm not sure too if all she needs is more time - or if by giving her time, I'm hurting her chances of curing something worse that might be happening...

In any case, I'm calling the vet tomorrow... :(
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