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...apparently yesterday I had a little too much green tea with dinner and was freaking out a wee bit too much about the whole Sydney thing. I called the vet this morning and they did say that we should bring her in for re-evaluation. They're not sure what's causing all the dizziness and said it could be (we hope, anyway) a really bad ear infection. I'm hoping it's as simple as that and some antibiotics will clear it up in no time. On the bad side, it could be a brain lesion... :( We'll see - but I am a bit more optimistic about it in the light of day. Sorry to all for the freaky 2am posting last night! Reminder to self - no caffeine after 8pm! ;P

Worked at the 50th State Fair again for my class for the last time and had a blast!! Met so many new people who were SOOOO nice and patient with me and I felt like the interaction that I got with them was far more valuable than any class I've taken so far. I could actually hold conversations with them, joke and laugh with them - it was wonderful!! I'm always so apprehensive about going, but end up loving it so much when I'm there. Too bad this was the last day of the fair... I hope other opportunities to help out and work within the community pop up.

I'm really in HUGE need of a shower,... I smell like french fries (yuck!) and smoke... It was SOOO greasy in the wagon and I could honestly feel the grease forming on my face as I stood next to the deep fryers... :P

I do want to leave you all with some pictures of Sydney (it's so sad because she looks so different lately!) :( and some of the fair... :)

Here she is playing with her favorite squeaky toy. She loves it so much - you can tell by how dirty it is.

Her personality is in there somewhere, but she just doesn't look like herself in photos anymore... :(

As you can tell, she's not really too fond of taking photos lately... :(
Please excuse the HUGE-ness of my face in this photo! :P

Here's a shot of the onion rings and spicy fries... Because I had to smell it all day,
it doesn't look appetizing to me at all! :P

Here's a picture I took of the top of one of the roller coasters...

Here is the fun crew that I worked with today. They were all SO great!!

These are the other two girls I worked with. They're students at KCC taking the sign language classes for credit. :)
Notice my Thoroughly Modern Millie hat? I stole it from Mark! ;)

As I was leaving, I had to take a photo of the Zipper...

I'm off to get the fried food smell off me. Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Big HUGS to everyone!!
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