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A Quick Update from LA...

...just wanted to quickly update everyone from LA before we rush off to the wedding this morning. Mark & I arrived into LA VERY early yesterday morning and have already had quite a vacation! :)

Yesterday we checked in to our hotel in La Mirada and had a very yummy lunch at Clearman's Northwoods Inn. It's the first time Mark had ever been there and was VERY impressed with their salads and garlic cheese toast. :) The bad news, of course, is that any kind of diet that I might've been on prior to this trip has already been shot to pieces and I hadn't even been on vacation for more than a day... :P

Annie Get Your Gun in Vista

Yesterday afternoon, Mark & I made the long trek out to Vista to see Bets in Annie Get Your Gun at Moonlight Amphitheatre. Neither of us had ever been there before and were both pleasantly surprised at the warm and cozy atmosphere of the theatre. :) It's an outdoor venue, but SOOO unlike most outdoor venues I'd ever seen. There's a combination of seats, and grassy picnic areas in which patrons could sit, bring picnic dinners and watch the show - so while most outdoor theatres run the risk of being impersonal, this one was far from that!

The show itself was wonderful - and Bets, of course, was incredible!! I'd just seen Misty in a production of Annie Get Your Gun during my May trip and it was SOOO great to see Bets' interpretation of the role in such a short time frame.

Bets is such a natural comedienne that she couldn't help but bring SO MUCH humor and warmth to the role! My favorite part of the show was during my favorite musical number "Old Fashioned Wedding" - there's a scene where Bets is singing about her dream wedding at the same time as Frank Butler and ends up clapping her hands around him to get his attention while they both sing. I think it must've been an acting choice on Bets' part and it was absolutely hysterical!! As a side note to the production, I noticed that a lot of the costumes and sets from the Redondo Beach show were VERY similar to the costumes and sets of this show.

Got to speak with Bets a bunch, both before the show and after -- which was lovely!! Each time I see her, I'm reminded why I adore her so much - not only has she been such an incredible friend and support to me, but she's just hysterical and constantly has me laughing! We spoke about so many things, but one of the things I loved most was getting the opportunity to see Bets so comfortable in her own setting! She basically grew up on stage at the Moonlight Amphitheatre (her first show was with them over 27 years ago) and to see her so "at home" and SOOO loved by the community was such a heart-warming thing!

She introduced me to Kathy Brombacher, who's the artistic director of the theatre and she was just the sweetest person! I also was delighted to see Roger Bean, Perry, and their friends who happened to be there that night seeing the show as well which was wonderful. :) And my highlight of the evening was meeting Bets' darling mother! She came up to me after the show and as soon as she smiled and began to speak I knew instantly that she was Bets' mother - they both have the same beautiful, radiant smile! I spoke with her a bit and she's absolutely the sweetest thing! What a wonderful evening it was and what a perfect way to start our lovely vacation here in LA!! :)

Here are just a couple of the pictures that were taken last night. Please excuse the way I look in them - I had very little sleep and had been on a plane for... well,... no excuses. ;)

One of my favorite photos of all three of us!

Mark was so cute and wanted to get his own photo with Bets on his own camera! ;)

And Bets ALWAYS looks so stunning, I, on the other hand look like I'd been on a plane
for six hours... ;)

This morning Mark & I are off to Corona Del Mar to attend Carrie and Roger's wedding - then later this evening we're going to be heading to the Carpenter's Center to see Pirates of Penzance - which should be fabulous (since Steve directed it!!) :D Hope you're all having a lovely weekend! Big HUGS to you!!

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