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Celebrating my hubby's birthday, "Mr. Holland's Opus" and Sydney-dog...

Celebrating hubby's birthday!

Yesterday was the day I've been waiting for since late January... it's the start to the wonderful time of the year that Mark can NO LONGER tease me for being older than he is! :D Yes, beginning yesterday at 11:00 in the morning, he and I are the same age again and I don't have endure all his old jokes (at least until January!) ;P

Last night I took him out to eat at Assagios and we had a wonderful time! He had the veal piccata and I had a lovely eggplant marsala... it was SOOOOO delicious!! :) It probably was REALLY bad for my diet, but someone once told me that birthday calories don't count... and so I'm sticking to that! ;)

"Mr. Holland's Opus"

Got through watching Mr. Holland's Opus - which I'd seen YEARS ago, but had completely forgotten about. I was, of course, watching it to see Anthony, who emailed me last week, interested in my web design services. He's very attractive in the movie and had a great personality. Hopefully I'll be getting the chance to work with him on his site!! :) I still need to try to rent Jerry Maguire so I can see him in that! :D

Here are a couple of screen caps for those who don't remember him as the adult son (Cole) of Richard Dreyfuss' character...

Here's Anthony's character Cole, calling his father an "Old Fart" ;)

One of the final scenes of the movie.

This is my favorite scene. It's hard to see his "I love you" sign in the movie, but easy to see in the photo.

Sydney-dog update

She's still hanging in there!! It seems that she's thrilled with her newfound mobility and has been getting up and walking all over the house! Each day it looks like she's getting stronger and more stable and I think before we know it she'll be attempting to walk on the slippery tile (which we have blocked off because we don't want her to slide around...) She's incredibly amazing and as I've said so many times before, each new day that we're allowed to spend with her is a gift and we couldn't be happier!!

I'm off to get some web work done! Hope you're all having a nice weekend! HUGS!!

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