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Everything I know about life I learned from my fuzzy dog! :)

  • NEVER, ever give up, no matter what anyone says, you are the only one who can create your own destiny!
  • Cherish EVERY moment - don't waste time on being down, life is wonderful and every moment of it should be spent happy that you have another day!
  • Always maintain a positive attitude. No matter how many things are wrong in life, there are always many, MANY other things that are right and therefore worth celebrating!
  • Always, always strive to achieve goals - whether big or small, they are what makes life and succeeding fulfilling.
  • Show the ones you love how much they mean to you every day - there might not be a tomorrow...
  • And always, always hold your tail up when peeing... Well, that one is more for her than it is for any of us. ;)

Taken yesterday!! :)

She's still doing quite well, BTW and still has an amazingly great attitude about life. :)

Big HUGS and much love to all of you!!
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