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Thank you so much to everyone...

...who participated in my last distraction from web work. ;) YAY to cahwyguy, careleswhisper, alligatorandme, and vsprtn for getting the correct answers. :) The ones that no one guessed:

7. "...Another night has fallen on the street of your hometown and all at once you understand that you are here to stay..." - Spitfire Grill - such a rarely produced, but beautiful show!

9. "But suddenly loud as a mortar there is hope - finally hope..." - Parade - another rarely produced, but beautiful show.

12. "...the water's INCREDIBLY blue..." - A New Brain - I love the show, and Norm Lewis sings this on the cast recording and Kevin sang it in concert - need I say more? ;)

Our family portrait

As promised, I scanned and uploaded the family portrait that we took this past weekend at my friend's studio. Sydney was pretty grouchy that day and doesn't look happy at all that we dragged her out of the comfort of her bed at home to pose her in front of a group of hot lights... :P In any case, we're glad we have a recent family portrait - while Sydney is still with us.

I'm really glad that we were able to get this done! :)
Taken at Ace Portrait Studio

I'm off to lie down - I've been running a really high fever these past couple of days - I even had to come home from work yesterday... :P So apologies to all if my entry is a bit incoherent. :P Love to you all!!

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