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An update on Sydney-dog...

...Mark took Sydney to the vet this evening. She's a shocking 12 pounds! :( I can't believe that she's SO thin... She used to be 23 pounds at her heaviest and she's only half that now.

She hasn't been doing too well... She still wags her tail a lot whenever I come home and she's alert and knows what's going on, but because she hasn't been able to keep her food down, she's become so thin and weak. She can still stand and walk, though she does it A LOT less frequently. :(

The vet told Mark that she thought Sydney had VERY little time... :( (I know we've heard this many, MANY times before from them, but this time she's so weak that we almost believe them...) We're understandably heartbroken... Mark came home and put Sydney on my pillow on the bed and told her, "This was your favorite place,... do you remember?" Which, when he told me about it, I burst into tears... :( I miss her stealing my pillow, I miss the dog she was - it seemed like it was so long ago since she was that dog...

Sydney is our heart and soul and she's been so much a part of our family and our lives for the past ten years... Not too sure what we'll do when she's gone. Not too sure how much time she has, she's pulled through so many times before when we thought she wouldn't, but somehow this is different...

I'm off to spend time with her... I apologize if this post is too depressing...

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