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We're back from Maui...

...VERY tired, a few pounds heavier (Mark's idea of a good vacation was a constant eating one...), and with LOTS of photos! :)

I would write more, but I think the photos tell the story of our trip pretty well. :)

The first place we hit was the Maui Mall to get some guri-guri sherbet!

A close-up of the goodness! :)

Next we headed to Lahaina and visited Whaler's Village.
And here's Mark who missed "talk like a pirate day" by a few. ;)

We took photos next to the famous Sugar Cane train in Lahaina.
Did we actually ride it? No... :P

We loved staying at the Maui Prince Hotel!!
And yes, only the Fujimotos would take pictures near the hotel's sign. :)

Here we are on the grounds of the hotel getting ready to leave for dinner.

Look at the gorgeous view we had as we ate at the breakfast buffet!! :)

I had strawberries & waffles covered with macadamia nuts, chocolate chips, and syrup - YUMM!!

We also had breakfast entertainment - in the form of a curious bird trying to catch his breakfast.

It was quite amazing to watch him scoop up and catch a tiny fish from the pond...

...and then complete his breakfast...

Before heading to the airport we needed to stop off at Home Maid Bakery
to get some manju omiyage for the folks back home. :)
Our favorites: peanut butter, apple, and white bean. :)

We were disappointed that we missed their "malasada" hours, but were
happy that there were still some great manju left. :)

Hope you all have a lovely week!! HUGS!
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