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The Ovation Award Nominations were just announced this afternoon and...

Kevin got TWO NOMINATIONS.... for BEST LEAD ACTOR in a MUSICAL for Can-Can and BEST FEATURED ACTOR in a MUSICAL for Sleeping Beauty Wakes!!!

YEEEHAAA! Thank goodness that I had already planned to be at the Awards Ceremony! :) Every single one of my favorite people were somehow nominated this year... (the only sadness is no Russell...) :(

Misty Cotton - for BEST LEAD ACTRESS in a MUSICAL for Sophisticated Ladies
The Wonderettes (Bets, Julie, Kirsten, and Kim) - for BEST ENSEMBLE for The Marvelous Wonderettes
Nick DeGruccio - for BEST DIRECTOR of a MUSICAL for Zanna, Don't! :)
Roger Bean - for BEST DIRECTOR of a MUSICAL for The Marvelous Wonderettes
Tami Tappan Damiano - for BEST FEATURED ACTRESS in a MUSICAL for The Full Monty

For the complete list of nominees...

The list goes on and on.... :) :) I'm SO happy for everyone! :) I'm in LA theatre bliss right now...

Edited to add: Despite the hyper fan-ish nature of the original post, discussion in comments brought out a question I've always had about how awards committees treat two actors who, together, make up a single role (one who voices the role and one who acts the role) If anyone knows how this was handled previously in Big River, I'd be interested to know... Thanks!

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