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An EXTRA special day with The Marvelous Wonderettes!

Yesterday was probably one of the nicest Wonderette experiences that I've ever had! True, Julie was out that day :(, and the traffic and parking situation near the El Portal was a horrid mess (due to the NoHo Arts Fair)... But what started out seeming to be just a another Wonderette performance turned out quite special.

First of all, due to traffic, about half the audience was late for the show! A group (not sure who they were) had chartered a bus to bring them to the El Portal and the bus was late! So the show began about 15 minutes late, and they even had to start the show without them! Halfway through the first act, they all arrived. Which was hysterical because of the ad-libs from the girls. :)

The group consisted of adults, but Bets quipped, "It'll be better once you've all gotten your driver's licenses." :) Then someone, it may have been Bets too - said, "Well, you were the one who said that you wished prom lasted forever." :) I could tell too that they wondered whether they should re-introduce the characters or just pick up where they left off (which was the middle of Cindy Lou and Betty Jean's fight scene...) Kim finally introduced the girls again using the prom ballot as the purpose for the introduction - when she got to Judy Carter she said, "The mole head." :) Which was just hilarious...

One of the nicest surprises of the show happened before the show even began. As I was headed back into the theatre I heard someone call my name - I was SOOO happy to see Bets' mother there! She was there to drop off the new jackets she had sewn for the girls for the second act and wanted to stay because the girls were going to be performing between shows at the NoHo Arts Festival! What a great day to have chosen to come!! :)

So after the show, the girls came rushing out in costume (their 1st act prom dresses) and we all rushed over to the "center stage" and they performed two songs ("Mr. Sandman" and "Thank You & Good Night.") I got to take some wonderful photos of and with the girls, see all the girls' families, talk with Roger and David, meet Leslie - the Betty Jean cover, and see two of my favorite songs performed AGAIN! :) What a perfect way to celebrate my one year anniversary of seeing the show for the first time! :D

It was wonderful - it's a shame I had to run shortly after they finished performing, I was rushing to try to complete some errands between shows so I could have some Omiyage to bring home for the folks back home... I wish I could've stayed - I had so much I wanted to ask Bets about NY, the show, etc... :( Well, maybe next time...

I have to run - I'm off to see Tami in "Goblin Market" and then Misty and Damon in "A Little Night Music" - I will be back to comment on your entries, and relay my experiences at "Kimberly Akimbo" last night when I get back! Hope you all are having a nice weekend!! :) Big HUGS!!
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