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Kimberly Akimbo, Goblin Market, and A Little Night Music...

I'm home - VERY tired, and not at all ready to tackle work and my night school class tomorrow... My theatre weekend in LA was one of the nicest that I've had in quite a long time. I've already written a novel below on my Marvelous Wonderette day, but I wanted to quickly write about my experiences at "Kimberly Akimbo," "Goblin Market," and "A Little Night Music" - which were all spectacular!


This is the third time that I've seen this particular production and it was just as incredible as it was the first time I'd seen it. While I was waiting for the show to begin, I struck up a conversation with a very nice couple sitting in the lobby - it just so happens that they turned out to be Sharon Johnston's parents (who plays Debra in the show). They weren't allowed to read anything about the show prior to seeing it, because Sharon wanted them to be surprised as the story unfolded. They were such lovely people - and so cute how proud they were of their daughter.

I noticed a bit a difference in the performances this time around from the cast. It seemed to be a little more nuanced... The last performance I saw back in May was explosive and emotional - especially Sharon, who seemed to turn red with anger just by sitting there in my favorite library scene. There seemed to be a little less explosiveness this time around and more of an underlying seething going on - which I liked. :)

Patrick Rogers was wonderful, as always, as the nerdy Jeff McCraken and Judy Jean Burns was great as Kimberly - their kissing scene was incredibly sweet - probably the most touching of all the performances I'd seen. The last time I'd seen the show back in May was the first time I'd seen Marc Silver in the role of Buddy, but I really do enjoy his interpretation of the role. I did miss him blowing a kiss to Kimberly during the final kitchen scene, though... It was just an all around great production and I was SO happy to have been able to see it as many times as I have. :)

Stayed after the show and got to speak with Patrick (who is such a sweetheart!) and met some of the other members of the cast. I could tell, just by seeing them together, what a warm and family-like atmosphere their production had. :) The show closed last night for the final time - but it will be a show that I'll remember for a long time to come. :)


On Sunday afternoon, I went to GTC Burbank (and got lost trying to find the theatre - it's in the middle of a rec center!!) :0 to see Tami in "Goblin Market." I'd never heard of the show before, but it was a short musical (only an hour and ten minutes) about two sisters - Lizzie (Jennifer Pennington) and Laura (Tami) - and was based on a Christina Rosetti poem of the same name.

Tami was brilliant, as always and the intimate theatre allowed me to see her stunning performance up close... The songs were almost operatic in nature and it's been a while since I've seen Tami in a dramatic role. She was terrific!

After the show I got to speak with Tami - who is really one of the warmest, sweetest people around. We spoke about her day job (which she loves, BTW) and her son, Dante - who I was thrilled to see there. :) He's SOOOO grown up now and has the biggest, cutest eyes! The last time I'd seen him she was carrying him around in a baby seat! It was just a wonderful, wonderful conversation and reminded me how fortunate I am that I've gotten to know such lovely people through my theatre trips.


LOVED the show!! I'd never seen it before, but it was funny - in a Sondheim sort of way - which I loved. :) The cast was wonderful - most notably Misty (of course!) as Petra. Her song "The Miller's Son" in the second act was definitely a show stopper! :) Damon Kirsche (who I've known from all the way back in the MY WAY La Mirada days...) was great as the pompus and arrogant Carl-Magnus. :) Got to see him backstage after the show a bit and I told him this was the first role I'd seen him in where he didn't play himself. :) I also got to see that his mustache was indeed real! ;)

But my real surprise of the show was getting to see Kevin Odekirk as Henrik... He was just phenomenal! I later found out from him (after the show) that he was a replacement for the original actor and had only been put into the show three days before I'd seen it. INCREDIBLE! He was just hysterical and my gosh - his voice... he has one of the better tenors that I've ever heard... not to mention he was drop dead gorgeous... Ummm... yeah... *AHEM* back to my "review."

Stephanie Zimbalist and Mark Jacoby rounded out the incredibly talented cast and made the production one that I wouldn't have missed for anything! By the second act, there were fits of laughter from the audience that actually was loud enough to stop some scenes. :)

After the show, I got to spend some time with Misty - which is always so wonderful. I got to congratulate her on her Ovation nomination and gave her a message from Tami. She's always so warm and personable that no matter how long it's been since we've spoken, it seems we can just pick up where we left off - which is what I love about her.

She was sweet enough to introduce me to the two Kevin's - Odekirk and McMahon. :) And forgive me while I drop into fan girl drivel again, but Kevin Odekirk had to have been one of the friendliest people I've ever met. He was warm and funny and asked a bunch of questions and was SO surprised that I flew in from Hawaii to see the show - "I just drove 5 minutes to be here, somehow that just doesn't seem to compare." :) He was just SO cute! :) Did anyone get to see him in Les Mis on Broadway back in 2000 or so? :)

For those who are wondering,... here's a photo of him... And forgive me for going on and on about him, but by the time I left the theatre I was like... Kevin Earley, Kevin Earley - who? ;) Bad, Sheri! I'm JUST KIDDING... I think this show has made me a huge admirer of his talent, though and I really do want to see him in something else - Mr. Odekirk, that is. :)

It was SUCH a fabulous theatre weekend!! I will definitely post some photos that I took tomorrow when I get home from my night school class. :) Hope you're all having a nice week so far! Big HUGS to everyone. :)

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