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I'm not sure how many of you remember...

...this post - of my uncle and aunt's 69th wedding anniversary party that we attended back in 2004. Well, I just found out today that my aunt in the photo passed away the other night. :(

What a year it's been... :(

January - Our house gets robbed :[
February - My aunt is diagnosed with Lymphoma :(
March - My Grandma is sent to the emergency room with gall stones and refuses surgery! :( (which is the beginning to her being confined to a care home) :(
April - Our house gets robbed a second time! :[ :[
May - Sydney dog winds up the hospital :( (which, we later find, is really the beginning of the end) :(
June - Sydney has her vertigo attack (and really is never the same again...) :(
August - Sydney passes away :( :( :(
September - My uncle passes away after a long battle with diabetes :(
October - My aunt passes away :(

That's enough for the year, I think. I'm really ready for the rest of the year to be tragedy-free.... Can't we start 2008 early this year? I'm really ready for this year to end. :P

And my apologies for the depressing post - I know that in the grand scheme of things, there are so many others who have been through so much worse this year...

It hasn't been a good year for any of my friends either...

My co-worker's one year old son passed away in March :(
A friend's mother had a stroke in April
A co-worker and friend's father had an aneurysm in July
Another friend's mother passed away in July
Another co-worker and friend's cousin had an aneurysm this past week!

What is wrong with this year? SERIOUSLY??
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