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Tonight is Kevin's big ALW concert at MTW.

And though I always love seeing him in anything, I made no special attempt to attend this - which is sort of odd. It makes me wonder if my "traveling to see Kevin" need has somehow either vanished or lessened somewhat in the six years that I've known him. It's kind of scary in a way, NOT to be defined by him anymore - and it's odd that most of my trips this year to LA had almost nothing to do with him at all.

Speaking of the Earleys, I just saw a trailer for Julie Ann's movie "House" on YouTube. The last time I really spoke with Kevin (which was in July, I think) he said that "House" was going to be released this month, but according to some of the comments to the trailer, it looks like it'll be release sometime next year. It's really not my genre of movie anyway, but it'll be nice to see Julie Ann in the spotlight again. :)

I've been spending a good portion of this weekend updating my iPod - between the robberies, I really didn't have a good idea what files I had or where they were and my iTunes was a complete mess :P. Thankfully it looks like all my video files were kept on disc somewhere (thanks to hubby who keeps everything!) and thankfully most of my important audio files were still on my old relic of a desktop. :) My lesson learned after this year was to back EVERYTHING up! :P Too bad it had be learned the hard way.

And of course no weekend is complete without playing scrabble on Facebook and reading some GREAT due SOUTH fan fiction. Both perfect ways to unwind from all the stress of work (which, BTW, next week is our OSJ audit - blech!) I'm off to get ready for a brunch with the in-laws - we're all going to Halekulani to belatedly celebrate Mark's birthday (which was in July) ;) Hope you all have a nice Sunday!! HUGS!

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