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A little update from LA as the hubby sleeps.

We arrived in LA early yesterday morning and it was quite a whirlwind! We went straight from the airport to Krispy Kreme (I was craving the apple filled cinnamon doughnut, please don't ask me why - that thing is pure sugar, but heavenly!!) :) After Krispy Kreme, we headed to Deaf West Theatre to attend their ASL Storytime.

ASL Storytime

When we got there, I was happy to see Brian Campbell was there interpreting. I saw him interpret the ASL Storytime a couple of weekends ago at the International Sign Language Theatre Festival in Woodland Hills and he was INCREDIBLE!!! The storyteller was Vae and she was great - telling stories and signing songs about Thanksgiving. It was a great experience and so cute to see all the children on stage. I think the ASL Storytime will be my one regular stop every trip. :)

Sitting ON the stage at "Damn Yankees"

Next, Mark & I took in the matinee performance of Reprise's Damn Yankees. I'd originally purchased "ON STAGE" seating tickets from the box office - partially because they were better priced, partially because I thought it would be a neat experience. I knew they were partial-view, but I didn't mind too much.

When we entered, someone took us backstage - through the stage door, and filed us in a line up a set of stairs and had us sit in what looked like bleacher seats. Where we sat, we could see - the ENTIRE audience (possibly what the actors can see while they're on stage), we could see the back of sets and props, and we could see the actors in the wings and behind the scenes waiting to go onstage.... It was a great experience!!

When the show started, we were shocked that the performers came up and performed some of their scenes from the bleachers in which we were sitting. Cleavant Derricks turned to us before one of his scenes and said, "How are you all doing?" :) We could also see Ty Taylor, before his entrance as Joe Hardy say a little prayer or something before his onstage cue. It was SOOOO interesting to see the backstage workings of the show - and see the show itself. For $35 a ticket (normally $80 plus), I think that's really a deal!! :)

Little Fish (and running into Kevin, Julie Ann, and Michelle Duffy!)

That evening Mark & I went to see Little Fish at The Blank Theatre. As we were sitting there, waiting for the show to begin, we were shocked to see Kevin, Julie Ann, and Michelle Duffy there! What a coincidence!! Poor Julie had a cold and wasn't feeling really well that night, but it was so nice to see them all!!

The show itself was GREAT!! Alice Ripley gave a fabulous performance, but I have to say that Chad Kimball (who I'd previously only seen play a cow in Into the Woods) was just REMARKABLE as Marco (one of the most sympathetic characters in the show.) His was one of the strongest performances of the show, I think - I was very impressed by his incredible turns from comedy to drama in a split second. One moment we're laughing and the next, we're tearing up... Just a testament to what a strong actor he is! Dina Morishita was great - looked very pretty, and was much stronger of a performer that I'd originally imagined. Greg Jbara was funny and played the drunk and pathetic Mr. Bunder incredibly well.

Today we have a full day ahead of us as well! Hope you're all having a lovely weekend!! Thanks for putting up with all my theatre babble!! HUGS!

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