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Some belated photos of the 2007 Ovation Awards.

My apologies to all for being so absent from here recently!! The few days leading up to our recent LA trip and the week that followed was incredibly stressful. :P On the Thursday and Friday before the LA trip I had to fly out to Maui for branch trainings on both mornings (which means waking up at 3:00am and leaving the house by 4:00am!) :P On Friday night I went BACK to the airport and Mark & I caught a plane to LA - I actually saw some of the same Hawaiian Airlines people there from the afternoon when I returned from Maui - they must've thought I was insane! :P

The trip was wonderful - but we were on the go SOOO often that there was very little time to sleep (as most trips are...) We returned home on Tuesday evening at about 9:30pm and then the next morning I had to attend the Prime Time Health Fair in Kauai - so I needed to get up again at 3:00am... by Thursday, I was completely incoherent - which was awful because early on Friday morning, I had an interview / 1st meeting with the new Vice Chairman of our bank who is taking over as my BIG boss' boss! YIKES!

So I deeply apologize to all for my recent absence... I have been around here and there on MySpace, etc. but I haven't been able to muster the strength to post any sort of coherent entry.

I did want to mention a little about our evening at the Ovation Awards, though since that was one of the highlights of our past trip (as were the two performances of Pajama Game that we saw, but that's going to have to be its own entry!) What I loved about the Ovations this year was that everyone I adore was nominated for some kind of award. Unlike last year, when every show and acting award was given to a pre-Broadway run of a show - this year the awards truly recognized excellence in LA Theatre, which I thought was incredible!

It would literally take me days to relay all the wonderful-ness of the evening, but I thought I would post some photos which, hopefully help to tell the story. :) (Sorry for the long captions - these were all the things I WANTED to write on my MySpace photo page, but didn't have enough room.) ;)

As with the previous two years, the Ovations was held at the Orpheum Theatre
in the heart of Downtown LA (scary neighborhood to be walking alone at night!) :P
This is the third Ovation Award ceremony that I attended - well, 2nd and a half
(the first year I was there volunteering and working behind the scenes at the Ovations)

Once again, the Awards were hosted by Neil Patrick Harris. :)
If you can see, there are cloth banners on stage with each category and the
names of the nominees on them. When a winner was announced,
a dancer from some modern dance troupe would pull the cloth down from behind the
category to reveal the award and "dance" it to the presenters. It was certainly... different.

Michelle Duffy accepting her Ovation for Best Lead Actress in a Musical for her
performance in Can-Can!!! :) I just love Michelle - she made a comment about how
easy her job was because she got to fall in love with Kevin each night... then
retracted it by saying that it didn't come out the way she had meant it. :)

Brendan Milburn (of Groovelily) accepting his Ovation for Best Musical Direction
for his work on Sleeping Beauty Wakes!!! YAY!! He had an interpreter there
because he claimed that his signing is bad (which I highly doubt). :)

David Elzer, Roger Bean, and the Wonderettes (Bets, Kim, Julie, and Kirsten)
accepting their Ovation for Best Musical in an Intimate Theatre! :)
I was SOOOOOO happy for them, if there was any sadness at all, it had to be
that they were up against Nick and his team at West Coast Ensemble for
Zanna Don't and I guess, not everyone can win... :(

Ed Waterstreet, Valerie Vigoda, and Brendan Milburn accepting the Ovation Award
for Best World Premiere Musical for Sleeping Beauty Wakes!!! I was so
happy about this - I almost lost my voice yelling and screaming when they were
announced as the winners! :)

I have many, MANY other photos of the wonderful-ness AFTER the ceremony itself, but I'll have to leave that for my next entry since this would turn into a never ending scroll-fest - which I don't want to do to you all!

So, I'm going to stop here for now, and resume the photo posting after I catch up with all of your entries. Hope you're all having a nice weekend!! HUGS!

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