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First of all, a big THANK YOU to everyone!

I really, REALLY appreciated all the great feedback from everyone in my last post! I made some minor adjustments to the samples and emailed off the links last night and got an email back this morning. He ended up choosing this design, but wanted it in a blue color scheme, so I sent him this... I also sent him a sample of what I planned to do with the content pages. :)

And as I've always said, when it comes to webwork, it's either feast or famine for me. ;) Right after sending the links to Anthony last night, I received an email from another client who I haven't heard from in a while who wants updates for her site. And don't get me wrong, I am TOTALLY loving this - but I sometimes wonder why it happens all at once? :)

On a different note, I've been planning my first theatre trip of the year to LA - over the President's Day weekend. :) There are a bunch of things playing during that weekend that I'd love to see and it's traditionally been my LA travel weekend anyway. I'm just waiting to receive word back from a few people regarding casting before I pay for my flight (that's on hold with Hawaiian Air) and buy my show tickets. :)

And finally, since everyone's been posting their results to the Presidential Candidate Matching Meme, I thought I would too... not that it's any real surprise to me because the results were pretty close to how they stacked up in my mind before taking the quiz.

84% Barack Obama
83% John Edwards
81% Hillary Clinton
79% Bill Richardson
77% Chris Dodd
71% Joe Biden
70% Mike Gravel
69% Dennis Kucinich
54% Rudy Giuliani
45% John McCain
40% Mitt Romney
38% Mike Huckabee
32% Tom Tancredo
25% Fred Thompson
21% Ron Paul

2008 Presidential Candidate Matching Quiz

Hope you're all having a nice Sunday, thanks SO MUCH again for all the feedback in my last post! :) You guys are the best!! Big HUGS to you all!
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