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I'm back from Maui...

...and you guys are incredible!! For the second time, I didn't have to speak! BIG boss prepared me for it saying he was going to call me up during the second (afternoon) training and have me handle the "pickle story" portion and I was actually fine with that - and pretty prepared. In fact, by the second training, there was so much anticipation built up that I almost wanted to go on...

But something happened during the course of BIG boss' speech during the afternoon training (he was fine during the morning session), I think he may have gotten distracted by some of the reactions he saw around the room because he kept veering off topic and mentioning things that had nothing to do with the Retirement Life Cycles. He kept going, until his 30 minutes was almost up, and he ended up doing a very shortened version of the pickle story himself.

I was relieved and surprised all at the same time... There was so much stress in preparing for a second time (the first was that December in Kauai) and so much anticipation of actually thinking I'd have to speak that when he went through the whole thing himself, I didn't know if I should feel relieved or disappointed... Don't get me wrong, now that the shock has worn off, RELIEVED is certainly the emotion I'm feeling. :)

Thanks to everyone for your good "please don't let Sheri have to speak" thoughts. It worked again! I can't believe it!

And, for anyone who might be interested in just what this "pickle story" thing is all about - here's a link to the actual news story that we reference in our training.

Love to you all!! I'm off to pass out...
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