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Turning 38 (gasp!)....

...wasn't as bad as I thought. In fact, the whole year prior to this week, I'd been mistakenly telling everyone that I was 38, so it doesn't really feel too bad to actually be 38... I know, whatever works... ;)

My birthday was really nice... I woke up to so many lovely messages here, on MySpace, Facebook, etc. emails, ecards - from lovely lovely friends (thank you all so much again!!!) Then at work, my office mates planned a yummy lunch from Big City Diner and got me a GC for the mall across the street from our office. :) I even heard from my former boss, who, after all these years of leaving our company for the competitor, still calls me and sends me an ecard on my birthday. How sweet is he? :)

Mark took me out for a celebratory dinner at P.F. Chang's this evening. We had so much fun!! We had the veggie lettuce wraps, grilled eggplant, some WONDERFUL veggie mabo tofu, and of course, the lovely, LOVELY Lucky 8 dessert. I must've gained several pounds, but I'll wait until Monday to worry about it. ;)

Speaking of which, this has been a week of eating!! Monday night we had our department's annual new year sales kick-off rally - which was held at Vino's and I had a lovely 5 course veggie meal... Wednesday was my lunch in the office from Big City Diner, and Friday we attended a going away luncheon for one of my co-workers/friends who's moving to Arizona. LOTS of food + no working out = bad week and possibly having to take out my larger sized clothes next week... :P

On that lovely note ;P, I leave you all with photos of my week of food-ventures. ;)

Mark sent an arrangement of flowers to my office on Wednesday. Isn't he sweet??

The girls at my co-worker's going away lunch.

The whole gang at Willows wishing our co-worker well.

With Mark at P.F. Chang's

Here is the "Lucky 8" dessert! It was chocolate egg rolls with caramel sauce
& crushed toffee candy. SOOOOO delicious!!!

I'm off to pass out.... Hope you're all having a nice weekend!! Big HUGS and thanks again to everyone!!
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