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It's 1:45 am and I'm not even tired. :(

With everything going on recently (a mid-week wedding that Mark & I attended this week, the Tuesday caucus, all the STRESS of work, my day trip to Kauai for work) I haven't had the opportunity to talk about some of the incredible shows I saw last weekend in LA.

Twice Upon A Time

On Saturday night, I had the wonderful opportunity to see Misty in a stellar performance in "Twice Upon a Time" in Redondo Beach. Her "Deep In My Heart" in Act 1 was definitely a show-stopper. And for the very first time, I got the opportunity to see Misty dance - which was a treat in itself. I just can't believe how talented she is! She's just amazing!!

Got to see her after the show and spoke with her about her upcoming plans (which means I will have something to look forward to when I come out for the ASL event in May!) :) She's always such a pleasure to talk to - I'm so glad I got to see her and her show on this past trip. :)

Orson's Shadow

Went to see the Sunday matinee of Orson's Shadow. I enjoyed the show, though I have to say that there was SOOOO much commotion going on in the back of the theatre (people arguing, ushers rushing over, cell phones going off, someone in the audience even yelled, "Quiet!" at one point during the show, which must've been a shock to the actors on stage) that the action on stage was sadly overpowered by the show that was going on behind me. :( I think that they must've asked the offenders to leave at intermission because we were all able to enjoy the second act in peace.

Scott Lowell was wonderful as Kenneth Tynan and it was pretty exciting to see his work on stage after having seen and loved him as Ted in QAF. :)

Thrill Me

Saving the best for last, was Nick's show, Thrill Me at Hudson Backstage. This is a musical about Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb, two extremely wealthy Chicago college students who planned the murder of a 14 year old boy in 1924 and who were eventually sentenced to life in prison. The story, as grim as it may be, focused on the relationship between the two and motivations for their actions.

Nick is a genius - he really is - and I don't think I'm being biased here, either. In a show like this with only two actors in the cast, a piano as accompaniment, and VERY minimal staging, Nick was able to grab our attention and hold it captive throughout the entire 80 minutes of the show. In fact, it was SO griping, that the 80 minutes flew by and at the end I was ready to see the show all over again.

The two actors who star as Leopold and Loeb are INCREDIBLY, incredibly talented! Stewart W. Calhoun and Alex Schemmer are just amazing - and actually made these disturbed, really unsympathetic characters VERY, very human. At one point near the end of the show I actually felt close to tears...

That being said, one of the most chilling and HIGHLY disturbing scenes, though worked for the exact opposite reason. "Roadster" a song that Richard Loeb sings to lure his victim into his car was chillingly cold and very INhumane and actually sent chills up my spine because it was so disturbing. The show is definitely not a feel-good musical, nor is it one that redeems all its characters in the end, but it was just an incredible show to see nonetheless.

And because I'll be back in LA next weekend to see Bets in All Shook Up, I changed my theatre schedule around a bit so I could see "Thrill Me" one last time. I've learned that special shows like this come around once in a great while - and when it does, I should see it while I can.

Gotta run and get some sleep. I will update more tomorrow with photos of the trip and of the recent wedding that Mark & I attended. Hope you all have a great Saturday!

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