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Because I was tagged by waytoocoolrev. :)

1. You've just died. What happens?
Mark gets the little bit of life savings that I have - thank goodness I have a 401(k)!

2. What is your most guilty pleasure?
Theatre traveling!! I suppose I could try to go through my normal everyday life without my theatre trips, but I fear my job may drive me insane if I don't have a little theatre trip every now and then to break it up.

3. Favorite childhood cartoon?
This is SOOO dating me, but Flintstones because it had actual continuity...

4. new 4-What is your favorite place to go out to eat?
Depends on where I am... In Hawaii, I love California Pizza Kitchen, P.F. Chang's, Assagios, the breakfast buffet at the Kahala,... YUM! In LA, I love to eat at Sweet Tomatos, SoupPlantation, Red Robin, etc... In NYC, it's Say Cheese, Green Symphony, and Tony's. :)

5. What was the last movie you saw, for pleasure, and would you recommend it?
"There Will Be Blood" and yes, I most definitely would recommend it - if nothing else, to see Russell's heart-wretching scene in the last 25 minutes of the movie... INCREDIBLE!! :)

6. On balance, are you happy with your life as it is, would you change it a little or change it a lot?
I am SO blessed in my life - I have a hubby who I love more than anything, a wonderful, supportive family, lovely, lovely friends, and a great job (although I sometimes might complain about it). I really have nothing to complain about - I love my life.

7. What's the one possession you USED TO have, but don't anymore and wish you did? What happened to it?
Let's see - my last laptop computer. It wasn't as fast as the one I have currently, but I was SOOOO attached to it (I haven't quite warmed up to this one yet...) and it had tons of precious emails and files that I'll never get back. :( It was stolen when my house was robbed in January of last year. :P

8. You (as you are now, not a fictionalised you) are a FC in an episode of SPN. What's your role?
You know, I don't even know what this question means... :P So I will make up my own number 8...
8. Which celebrities do you find the most attractive?
Callum Keith Rennie, Jesse L. Martin, Michael C. Hall, Hal Sparks
The ones I know (or have met) so I shouldn't find attractive, but I do?
Anthony Natale, Russell Harvard, Derek Keeling, David Burnham, etc.

9. Name one person for whom you'd definitely take a bullet, and one for whom you definitely wouldn't.
I'd definitely take one for Mark or my Mom. No one specific that I wouldn't...

10. Worst case scenario?
I don't like this question.

11. What do you consider your greatest accomplishment?
Finding the love of my life and having the good sense to marry him. :)

12. What's your greatest frustration?
Feeling overwhelmed and completely stressed over situations I have no control over at work. :P

13. For you only, not as a broad political statement: life imprisonment or death sentence?
I'm not really one for the death penalty - not as a political statement, but as a code of my morals...

14. Jury duty. Ever done it? What was it like? Wanna do it? Thoughts at all?
I've been called for jury duty several times, but my trials all got cancelled before I even showed up. I think it would be interesting to serve on a jury and see the inner workings of the judicial system.

15. You discover you've been drafted into military service (to a country to which you hold a citizenship). What do you do?
I wonder if there's a non-violent post that I could take?

16. Which fictional character could you most see yourself marrying?
Hmmmm... all my favorite fictional characters are gay. I'll have to think more about that one... After answering # 19, I have an answer... Either RayK in "due South" (SIGH) or Geoffrey Tennant from "Slings & Arrows".

17. Describe the flag design of your personal utopia.
Sounds silly and ridiculous, but something that conveyed love and happiness...

18. Do you have a motto? If yes which one?
It was something that W. Eugene Smith once said that I will always remember, "The only intolerance you should have is against intolerance itself." SOOO true!

19. What's in your pocket right now? Conversely, if you have no pocket, what are the three items closest to your right hand, excluding computer hardware?
Let's see... my cell phone, my "Slings & Arrows" Season 3 DVD, and... oh wait, I have an answer for number 16 now... ;), and my ASL concise dictionary. :)

20. What place most speaks to you?
Oddly, I don't feel as calm or as fulfilled as I do when I'm in LA... Not too sure why that should be the case, but I just love it there...

And I tag anyone who wants to do this. :)

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