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I suppose the upside... all my recent work stress is that I lost nearly ten pounds throughout the entire process. Not that it's GOOD weight loss, but at this point, I'll take what I can get. :)

With Kevin M's site completed and a couple of others halted due to waiting for headshots, and content, I have been in a bit of a web design lull. I do have to admit that I miss receiving emails from Kevin now that his site is complete. :( It was an odd thing, while I never knew him BEFORE I did his site, and I can't say that I really know him now... for the three weeks or so that I was intensively working on his site, I felt that I did - somewhat... I can't explain it other than I felt that we had a really great working relationship and now that it's semi-over (though it really isn't since I'll be doing updates and such...) it's, admittedly, a little sad.

Mark & I went to see "Flower Drum Song" at our local Diamond Head Theatre on Thursday night (our regular subscription seats). We were surprised and amazed at the production - which was really one of the best that we've seen there so far. The Linda Low - Kathryn Mariko Lee - was excellent and gave Linda an edge, but still kept her quite sympathetic. The highlight of the show for me, was seeing an actor by the name of Kenji Higashihama as Harvard. Not only did his smile light up the stage, but he was effectively able to steal EVERY scene he was in. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing him in other productions!

In fact, I liked the show so much that I bought tickets to take my Mom back in a few weeks when Mark is in Japan... I thought I'd do the "Mothers' Day" thing a little early and take her shopping at Nordstrom (our NEW and very first Nordstrom on the island - see how deprived we've been?) and then for a nice dinner and then the show. Should be fun and a nice way to spend the evening. :)

And I don't know if I mentioned this here or not, but Mark is leaving for Japan with his family on Tuesday for two weeks. I'm sadly never able to go on these trips because it always falls within the midst of tax season. I'm definitely going to miss him while he's gone, but I'm happy that he has such a great opportunity to travel with his family. :)

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