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So, I'm hubby-less for the next two weeks. :(

Mark left for Japan this morning with his family and while I'm extremely excited that he'll get to spend so much time with his family, I'll also miss him A LOT the two long weeks that he's gone... :( It always saddens me that I can never make these trips with him and the in-laws, but I know BIG boss would flip if I requested two weeks off in a row (not to mention during the busiest time of the year for us...)

He just called me from the Haneda airport. Apparently they have one leg left of their trip to travel. This is going to be a long two weeks...

In other news, I have my LA trip this weekend almost entirely planned. I'm mainly going for a dear friend's baby shower :), but I thought I'd try to squeeze some theatre in there as well. :) I don't have my entire schedule planned out yet, but I'll probably see the Wonderettes and Mask while I'm in town. :)

Finally, I thank all of you who sent good thoughts for my work meeting today (which was postponed from Monday...) All I can say is that it's done, and I'm SOOOO relieved. :)
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