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The AMAZING kindness of some people...

...never ceases to amaze me! There are two people in particular who have amazingly beautiful souls (as well as are incredibly talented individuals) and make me realize there are such wonderful people out there! And neither fame nor all the attention they've both been receiving lately can change how wonderful these two are.

These two come to my mind, not because their amazing kindness has surprised me, but because in just getting to know the both of them a little better recently, it has really shown me how kind and incredibly gracious they are.

1. Russell - who has to be the sweetest person I have met in recent times - he's so eloquent, so gracious, so intelligent, and SOOOO damned talented!!! SOOOO on the verge of HUGE, huge stardom, but SOOOO sweet and so unaffected by his growing popularity and always so thankful for the little things I have done for his site. Got something for his site in the mail today, and I couldn't adore the man more...

2. Michelle - I've always liked Michelle ever since seeing her in "Johnny Guitar" and have always thought she was a nice person. But seriously, after our talk at MASK, I really have to say that she's quite an amazing person! The woman has SUCH heart and SUCH passion for what she does, and is incredibly, INCREDIBLY gracious. Not to mention the fact that she is RIDICULOUSLY talented (almost to the point that I can't believe either my eyes or my ears when I see her on stage...) Through my recent interactions with her - both at the show and shortly thereafter, I have to say what an incredible person I find her to be.

Of course, there are many, MANY others who I love in the LA theatre community (who are too numerous to name) and they are all such wonderful people, but these two individuals I have (thankfully) gotten to know a little better recently and have absolutely blown me away with their kindness.

Okay,... the gushing ends here. Wanted to add some positiveness to my LJ for a change (all my recent LJ entries about work and such have been a bit on the negative side...)

Hope you're all having a nice week. My week has been wonderful, if nothing else, tax season is over and my hubby is finally home!! :D HUGS to all!

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