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A (not so) short update from LA. :)

So, I'm in LA again, and the trip really couldn't have come at a better time... with everything going on at work, etc. it's really hard for me to imagine that I would've been able to remain sane had this trip NOT been on the horizon. So thank goodness Misty and Bets had a show and I was set to come out here... :P

Seeing Misty in MISS SAIGON

Started my theatre weekend seeing Misty in "Miss Saigon" in Redondo Beach - and I honestly have to say it was one of the better productions of the show that I have ever seen! The sets were amazing, the cast - first rate... just an incredible production!

Just as a side note to Redondo Beach - I noticed, the few times I'd been there prior to this that there was an INordinate amount of Asians there... didn't know how close (or not) they were to Gardena and Torrance (I just google map my trips and drive - I have no idea where everything is in relation to anything else - I just know my routes from my hotel to the theatres...) In any case, THIS show, my gosh! I think there were maybe 2 non-Asian people in the audience! ;) I'm totally kidding, of course, but it seemed like 95% of the audience the day I saw "Miss Saigon" was Asian. I felt like I was in Hawaii! ;)

The Show

But, back to the show... it was a GREAT production! Misty is - BY FAR - my favorite Ellen! And, as I told her, I've seen many an Ellen... I love her portrayal because she's the first Ellen that I've really seen where I've really sympathized with the character. Usually I think of the Ellen character as "the other woman," but Misty brings so much sympathy to the role and so much... vulnerability that I can't help but feel sorry for her - she loves Chris, knows nothing about Kim and is trying to deal with it all too... Gotta say, it was impossible not to totally sympathize with her.

The Kim (Jennifer Paz) was great - I'd seen the show several times and I've really seen only two Kims, but Jennifer was very good. Eric Kunze was a great Chris - had a gorgeous voice and looked incredible! I do still have a preference for Sean McDermott's "Why God Why?" only because of the way some of the lyrics were delivered... but that's just me being ultra picky...

Seeing Misty after the show

Love Misty... she's hysterical. I told her that I cried and she said, "Good!" :D So different from the first time I spoke with her at "Side Show" where I told her that I cried and she apologized. :D She was sweet enough to introduce me to Mark Oka - who is VERY nice and such a pleasure to speak with. He's had such a long history with the show as well. I got the chance to meet Glenn Shiroma - which was lovely since I'd been emailing him a bunch lately working on the MTG site and prior to the show, I hadn't had the opportunity to meet him. Got to speak with Kevin Bailey (who I always love) and he asked me if I heard his lyric "f*ck up." Which I did (during "American Dream") but I thought he handled and recovered from it so well that I don't think anyone really noticed at all! All in all, a GREAT afternoon of theatre!!

OLIVER in Fullerton!

That evening I drove to Fullerton to meet Steven Stanley to see Bets in "Oliver." Seems a strange thing to admit, but in all my years, I've never seen a single prodcution of "Oliver." Had Bets not been cast, I may still not ever have seen it. I do know all the songs by heart, only because in choir in elementary school we sang a medley of Oliver songs. So I know the songs, but don't know the show at all!

The show was cute and the children were completely adorable! The little boy playing Oliver had the sweetest face and a really amazing belt! His "Where Is Love" was beautiful! Our seats were so good (Yay for Steven and his connections that got us second row seats!) :) that we could see all the children's expressions (which were adorable and priceless). Bets was amazing - as always - as Nancy and really was the best thing about the show! I love seeing her in various roles because I like seeing her versality.

Steven & my newfound Luke & Noah addiction...

Steven was so wonderful to see! In addition to talking about theatre, I realize I had really missed speaking with Steven about guys - since I really do think that we have THE same taste in men. :) We spoke about Luke and Noah on "As the World Turns" - which, yes, I have been smitten with recently (but that's a whole other post - thanks to LJ friends illiriahrising and mslauren2930 who I both blame ;) and thank for the push towards my new addiction and my sleepless nights watching the You Tube videos and catching up on a whole year's worth of the story...) ;) Steven's just a lot of fun and I've missed speaking with him so last night was a wonderful time to catch up.

Seeing Bets after the show

And seeing Bets is ALWAYS a pleasure! I mentioned to her that her shows are great timing and that had it not been for them (both this and No Strings last year) I would've probably quit my job years ago. Thank goodness for stress relieving theatre trips. I missed seeing Bets' parents... which was sad. They came to the show the evening before - which, I believe is the first show in a long time that we didn't randomly show up on the same night. It would've been lovely to see them! :)

I'm running some errands this morning, possibly meeting Michelle for some coffee to talk about ideas and proposals for her website and seeing "Pest Control" at NoHo in the afternoon, then driving to UCLA to see "Flora The Red Menace" at Reprise (yes, a last minute change in my theatre plans). So it should be a great day!!

Hope you're all having a nice weekend!

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the mothers on my friends list!! :) HUGS!!!

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