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Weight gain, LA, trying to get to NYC...

...I'm gaining back all of my Emmy weight that I recently lost. I swear, the BEST diet plan in the world is knowing you have to fit into a dress that is a size smaller than you normally wear... :P I was extremely thankful that I was actually able to shed a good ten pounds before the Emmys - but sadly, the weight is starting to return... :(

I also realized today that I have another LA trip coming up, just around the corner (4th of July weekend). And in light of Kevin's recent announcement - I had serious thoughts of cancelling it. But because I'd purchased my hotel and car through Priceline (and already pre-paid it) and already purchased a few show tickets, it seemed more costly to NOT go...

Honestly, if I could, I would cancel all my upcoming LA trips between now and the end of the year - and save up to try to get my butt to NYC. I'm trying to get out there during the September 20th weekend because it coincides with the BC/EFA flea market which I have always wanted to attend. The problem is I need to find a travel buddy. Mark has no more vacation left :(, my Mom and I just went to NYC this past January, my east coast travel buddy Pat is going to a scrapbooking convention that weekend. :( I'd gladly travel to LA alone (which I do most times) because I know the city and it feels like my second home, but NYC? I'm a little apprehensive about that...

Anyway, I'm still mulling it over...

Hope you all have a nice Friday!!
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