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This new computer is wonderful...

...I can actually run more than one application without the fear of it crashing, imagine that! The only thing is this new keyboard is a bit funky... where the "insert" key used to be, now there's a "print screen" key - it's a good thing I didn't set up my printer yet, or I'd be wasting a bunch of paper trying to get used to the new placement of the keys. :P

AND I'm simply stuffed! :P I've been craving Malasadas (Portuguese donuts without holes) for a while now since I can see the wagon that sells them everyday when I drive home from work from the freeway. We were there yesterday, but with all the excitement of the new computer - I never got to buy any. I bought a few today - with chocolate filling - and they're just sinful, but so delicious! :) Now I'm stuffed and it's almost weigh and measure time at Curves again... :P Bad Sheri!! :P

And I almost fell over when I saw this photo of Julie Ann from "First Monday"

Mark was a dear and made a bunch of screen captures for me to use on her site this weekend. :) And I love them, but it just reminds me how absolutely thin she is! I've always thought that she was pretty, but I'm just SO not used to seeing her in a lot of make up or clothes like she's wearing in the photo - she's usually much more conservative.

This is more the way I'm used to seeing her. :)

And YAY! I have to remember to tape the "Today" show on Tuesday!! At least if I can't be in New York to see "Big River", maybe I can get my fill of it through the media. :)

And the weekend, though it was three days, went by all too fast... I can't believe that I have to go back to work tomorrow. :( Hope everyone has a nice week. :)

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