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Can't get anything for free these days...

I knew it was too good to last... Bravenet's website counter/stats is not a free service anymore :( - I mean it is free - if you want a crappy looking counter with a tacky looking ad on it. :( Other than that it's $9.95 a month... :P That's outrageous! :( I depend a lot on my stats page on my site to determine where people are coming in to my sites from. To top it off, I just checked my "free" stats page and it's obviously gone wonky on me - it says all the hits occurred on December 31, 1969 at 4pm... HUH?? Does anyone know any other RELIABLE website counter/stats service that's a little more reasonable?

On the brighter side - work seems to be going pretty well... And no, that's not a typo. ;) I've gotten back into selling (I was basically just administrative before) and I've been enjoying myself a bit more at work recently. Yes, hard to believe... ;) My bosses' numbers are even starting to look a bit better this month. :) The huge talking to the other day must've been the swift kick in the pants that we all needed! :)

And I'm slowly getting used to this new computer, though I have to say that I'm really NOT enjoying Windows XP. :( Maybe it's just me, but something about using XP and Internet Explorer crashes my brower window each time I go to a message board... It might just be my security settings (which I thought I already examined), or something else - totally not XP related, but I've been forced to use Netscape recently - and you know how I am with technology changes - it's almost as bad as Mark and his fear of life changes. :P

Lastly, tomorrow is my Mom's birthday and Mark and I are taking her to eat a nice breakfast on Sunday at her favorite breakfast place. :) We wanted to take her out to dinner tomorrow night, but she prefers to eat breakfast. :) I can hardly blame her, there's something special about breakfast food (maybe it's because when I was growing up, I never woke up early enough to eat it...) :P
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