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Web work, web work, and more lovely web work... :)

YAY!! I think I've finally completed Lowe's site!! :) It's been a while since I began working on it and she's been incredibly patient through all my different drafts of ideas, designs, etc. I think it's finally ready to go live! :)

If anyone is interested, the trial site is here, on my server:

All the links work (there are no titles yet - it's just a trial site...) and the form doesn't work, everything else should be working. :)

And I've come up with a few design ideas for Brian Cole (aka Cole Ryan - his very new stage name - which has a very funny story attached to it) :) He likes darker designs and abstract patterns a lot, so I thought I'd try these designs. :)


This one is supposed to be the splash page so when you click on "actor" it goes to his acting page and when you click on "filmmaker" it goes to his production company's page :) - Personally, I love the headshot - it's waaaay hot! :)


This one is kind of growing on me - the others seem to be void of color... The empty black area below the header is for content. :)


Kinda not liking this one too much, but wanted to give him three choices right now. Not sure if the fingerspelling below his name is distracting...

Any suggestions or opinions on any of the above designs would be greatly appreciated!! I'm alway looking for ways that I can improve them. :) And as always, I rely on the great advice from my LJ friends! :) Hope you're all having a nice Sunday!! HUGS!!
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