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First of all...

... I want to thank you all for posting such sweet comments in my last post!! Reading some of your comments really made me teary... Much love to you all - I know I don't say it as often as I should, but you're all so special in my life and I feel so blessed to know each and every one of you!! Big HUGS to all of you!!

On a TOTALLY different note, SOOO many 2009 events are springing up on all of which I know I can't afford to go to - both in vacation time and in cost. I was thinking about going to the 2009 ATWT Fan Luncheon, though because it's in NYC and I can easily find other theatre things to do there - so the weekend wouldn't be only about the luncheon... Of course that's in April... and THANK GOODNESS it's after tax season, at least.

Then there's this cruise that's in March that I REALLY want to attend. Van and Jake will both be there and it leaves out of Long Beach... I have so many cancelled LA trips that I need to take before May and this could definitely be one of them. Problem is taking time off of work - though this one might not be too bad since it'll only be a couple of days... :) But it's SOOO expensive. Granted, I will probably never get the chance to go on another cruise again, and I've always wanted to go on A CRUISE... And some friends I met at the Emmys are planning on going and I'd LOVE to see them again...

ETA: Okay it's been decided, I'm going on the cruise... you all knew I would... ;)

Then there's Soapfest in Florida, which is in May - which I will never be allowed to do if the other two pan out... I have to decide which it'll be right now... and sadly, I'd have to say that Soapfest is probably the one that I'd have to forego. Which is not a bad thing... I just know BIG boss will not take all those vacation requests very well - at all...

Yes, it's already been established that I'm insane when it comes to this type of traveling... but, hey... you only live once, right?
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