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Short puppy update!

I just got an email from the breeder. :) He said that he hasn't ruled out keeping either female yet and may have to hold them both past 8 weeks to make his final decision...

BUT he did say that he did rule out keeping the little male puppy we saw and loved with the sweetest, cutest face! Of course, we'd originally had our hearts set on a female, but we're certainly not ruling this cute little guy out at all (we loved him when we saw him and he immediately caught my eye!)

He's sending me an email soon with photos of the male and the female that he's almost sure that he will not be keeping. We shall see. If the "clumsy" female that we loved is the photo that he sends over, we may wait for him to decide. If not, and he's pretty sure that he's keeping her, we may go with the cute little male.

SOOOOO exciting!!

I'm off to get some sleep. I wake up VERY early tomorrow, head to work, and then straight to the airport from there! If, for some reason I can't find an internet connection, please have a great rest of the week!! HUGS to everyone!!
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