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In NYC and another puppy update (with photos!!)

I FINALLY made it to NYC!! :) After what amounted to 12 hours of flight time and a total of 18 or so hours of actual travel time, I'm here in the city!! :)

I've already dropped off my opening night gift at the Hirschfeld for Kevin, gone to Green Symphony for an INCREDIBLE veggie lunch, and spent way too much money at the Food Emporium! :) All in all, I've only been in the city for half a day, but it's already been quite blissful! Jessica and Nicole don't arrive until Saturday, but I'm meeting waytoocoolrev to see "In The Heights" tonight - I'm SOOOO excited!! :)

Another VERY exiciting part of my day was once I was able to finally log on to the internet connection here (which is sketchy at best...) I received an email from the breeder with photos of the girl and boy puppies!!!! :) :) :)

And I thought I'd share!

This is the little male with the CUTE face - isn't he precious???

This is the same little boy..... He is the cutest thing!!

This is the little girl that he thinks he might not keep... he's not sure yet... She's adorable too.

Edited to add two more photos of the little boy puppy!

This is the little boy, too! SOOO cute!!

Obviously seeing them both makes it that much harder for us to decide. Any thoughts? Any opinions you could share would be greatly appreciated!!

I'm off to catch up a bit with all of you before my internet connect gives out on me. Big HUGS to all!! :) :)

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