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"In The Heights" -- One of the most AMAZING shows that I've seen!!

I have been up since 4am on Wednesday morning so I feared that I'd be exhausted at the show tonight, but there was NO WAY that I could even get tired in a show like "In The Heights". It was one of the most incredible shows I've seen to date... When it was over, I'd laughed, cried, and truly grown to love and care about the characters in the story... Which is always what great theatre does.

The story was INCREDIBLY moving and it surprised me that it was written by the star of the show - Lin-Manuel Miranda who played the lead (Usnavi) who actually wrote the show during his second year of college. Even though the show was about a group of latinos from the barrios, each of the characters were definitely people that ANYONE could relate to. By the end, the audience is so attached to each of them that we almost don't want to let them go at the curtain call. That's how incredible the show was. Karen Olivo (Vanessa), and Robin DeJesus (Sonny) were both the other highlights of the show for me... they were alternately hysterical and heartbreaking and their characters were really ones that I was rooting for. What I REALLY loved about the show is that it had SO MUCH HEART... Gotta love a big broadway show that really speaks to your soul...

The choreography in the show was just brilliant. There were times when the change in tempo and lighting just took my breath away... it was all SUCH an amazing experience. AND to top it off, Michael (who is one of my LA web clients) was nice enough to let his good friend Doreen who is in the show know that we were coming. She was the sweetest, sweetest, person and even took us backstage for a bit to see the set - which was amazing, but much more amazing close up! :)

If I had time, I would actually try to see the show again, that's how good it was... Unfortunately, I don't think I have a break in my theatre schedule this week to see it. The good part is that all the stars of the show are going to be at the flea market, so it'll be nice to see them there too. :)

Everything about the evening was fabulous, the company (YAY for being able to spend time with Robin!!!), the show, getting to meet Doreen, etc... Amazing 1st day in NYC... and tomorrow I'm seeing 3 shows... and one of them is "The Marvelous Wonderettes" so another fabulous theatre day awaits.

HUGS to everyone!! I need to finally get some sleep!!

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