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Those Marvelous Wonderettes - In NYC!!! Ahhhh!!

How could I top off the absolutely amazing evening the other night at "In The Heights?" Easy, go and see "The Marvelous Wonderettes", that's how!

Last night waytoocoolrev and I headed down to the Westside Theatre to see Bets in "The Marvelous Wonderettes" and though I've seen the show countless times, it was just SOOOOO special to see it finally in NYC and to see Bets, David, and Roger live out their dreams... AMAZING!!

The show itself was terrific as always! Beth Malone, who I've never seen in the show played a very tomboy Betty Jean (as opposed to Julie's BJ, who seemed less tomboy and more rascal...) Farrah Alvin had a beautiful voice and I liked her, but I have to say, being quite biased, Kim will always be Missy to me. It's something about the expression on Kim's face that just changes her whole persona onstage when she's Missy that I love. Victoria was very good as Cindy Lou - I was so determined to be biased toward all the wonderful originals I'd seen again and again in NoHo, and though Kirsten will always be the ultimate Cindy Lou for me, Victoria won me over at the end with "Maybe"...

I noticed they added a song, and some dialog, and took out Cindy Lou's "Well, North Hollywood..." joke (for obvious reasons... though it was sad since it reminded me that we were NOT sitting in the El Portal Theatre...) The sets were beautiful and the costumes just gorgeous!!

And who knows why... but for some sappy reason I began crying at the end... During "Thank You and Goodnight" I was a mess... I can't describe it. I just couldn't believe the show was in NYC, doing sooo well and that Bets, David, and Roger were living out their dreams. I was a mess at the curtain call...

I got to see and speak with David, Roger, and Bets after the show and they are amazing... I adore them all and all this happiness couldn't have happened to a greater, more amazing group of people!

Here are some photos:

The terrific Westside Theatre

With the wonderful Mr. Bean!!

Roger Bean (creator of the show) and David Elzer (Producer)

With Bets!! It was SOOO nice to see her!

With Robin, Bets, and Victoria (Cindy Lou)

With Robin!! It was so nice seeing her!

Last night was SOOOOO amazing to see - but for much different reasons from the night before! Today I change hotels, meet up with Nicole and Jessica (WOOO!), and see Kevin in "A Tale of Two Cities" - so another great day in NYC awaits!! :)
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