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"13," "Jersey Boys," and on-stage seating at "Xanadu!"

Sorry I haven't been around to update more... It's been incredibly busy here in NYC. On Monday, my two NYC roomies and I went to see the Empire State Building (and rode the NYC Sky Ride - which was guided by none other than, Kevin Bacon!)


On Tuesday evening, I saw "13" at the Bernard Jacobs Theatre. Having seen and loved the show twice before when it ran at the Ahmanson Theatre in LA, I was anxious to see how it would evolve on the Broadway Stage.

There were quite a few changes that I noticed watching the show on Tuesday... For one, the ending was different than the LA version - instead of all the kids showing up to Evan's Bar Mitzvah, only Archie and Patrice show up, which I liked more... it was more realistic. Also, in this version, Evan and Patrice get together at the end - which is only alluded to in the LA version. The songs were the same, but they were sung with different people present. Kinda weird to see...

The cast was completely different than when I saw it in LA and I liked some of them better, but some of them, not as much... The Evan on Broadway was fantastic - Graham Phillips was wonderful and seemed to fit the role more than the LA Evan. The Patrice - Allie Trimm was very cute (almost too cute) and had a great singing voice, but didn't seem to fit the demeanor of Patrice at all. She was a bit too shy and nice... Sara Niemietz in the LA production seemed to be more of a beatnick and an outcast. Her sometimes sassy comments and her no-nonesense portrayal fit the image of Patrice a bit better for me. I could see why her Patrice didn't quite fit in with the popular kids, but Allie's Patrice was a bit too much of a "shy victim" for me.

The "Kendra" that I saw was an understudy which was wonderful to see. She was cute and spunky and very "cute and innocent air-head" - I'm seeing the show again on Sunday night so it'll be nice to compare her to the other actress playing Kendra.

Jersey Boys

On Wednesday afternoon, I went to see "Jersey Boys". It was my 6th overall viewing of the show, but only my second time on Broadway. I had GREAT seats - Row B! :) Behind me were Dominic Scaglione's family who all came to watch him in his broadway debut as Frankie. :)

I'd never seen the show from so close so it was really nice to see all the expressions of the actors. Christian Hoff was MUCH better than when I'd seen him in January. His lines that didn't get laughs in January had the audience rolling this time. Sabastian Arcelus was WORLDS better as Gaudio this performance. He gained that little bit of the cockiness that Gaudio needs, but still remained very likable. He's definitely grown in the role and grown on me in the role.

John Leone was Nick Massi and he was... different. He was good, but I'm still partial to J Robert Spencer. And Dominic as Frankie... I enjoyed him and his portrayal. I think he's possibly my 3rd favorite Frankie that I've seen to date. And it was very cute to listen to his family talk about him behind me....


On Wednesday night, we all had on stage seating for Xanadu. It was SUCH a fun experience to be on the stage and see the action happen so close to us! It seemed like it should've been partial view seats, but the cast played to us as much as to the house... it was incredible! We even had to get up at the end, break our glow sticks, and dance behind the cast during the final number. It was a lot of fun and I'm glad that we were able to see the show and experience it before it closed.

Jackie Hoffman was just hilarious and at one point ad-libbed and started singing a song from another show... She stopped and said, "Oh, sorry wrong show!!" Which drew HUGE laughs from the audience. She paused for a moment before she added, "If I was in that show, I'd still have a job next week!" Which caused even more laughter that actually caused the show to stop for a few minutes.

Cheyenne Jackson was amazing (and gorgeous) and his vapid facial expressions were priceless!! Kerry Butler was great and lovely as always. All in all it was a really fun and terrific experience! I'm sad that the show is closing on Sunday, but so happy that I got to see it!

So many more shows to write about, but I'll end this long post here... Thank you to everyone who has been putting up with my theatre babble. There are many more things I'd love to say about the shows, but there just isn't enough time... Big HUGS to you all!!

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