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A quick puppy update!

Just a quick puppy update before I head to work this morning. :) Mark & I went to visit the breeder to see the puppies again last night and we decided to adopt the little boy puppy with the adorable face. :)

We played with him for a while and he has the sweetest demeanor and is SOOO adorable! I'm picking up the rest of the puppy supplies this afternoon, Mark & I are going to finish getting the house "puppy ready" and we're picking him up on Friday after work!! :) We are SOOOO excited!!

We're still contemplating names - both a registered name (his AKC name) and his call name. :) His AKC name has to begin with "Fortune's..." and we have a few ideas already. :)

Thanks to all who have been following our puppy saga from the very beginning! Mark & I feel incredibly blessed!! Big HUGS to all of you!
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