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My First Fuzzy Post!!

My First Fuzzy Post!
-- by Cooper B. Dog

It's been a little over a week that I've been living with Mark & Sheri and I thought I'd try my hand at this blogging thing... So here goes...

I've been getting used to my new house this week and my new family. :)
At times I missed my mom and siblings, but I've been pretty excited
about starting fresh with my new family. :)

Sheri's co-worker and friend was nice enough to buy me this HUGE bone
as a welcome home present!
My GOSH, Sheri measured it against me and it's MUCH taller than me!

Of course that doesn't stop me from dragging it all over the house!!

Another friend (queenstacey_25) was sweet enough to send
this fuzzy toy all the way from California!! That was SOOO sweet!!
Thanks SO much, Stacey and Sammy!! :) I love it!!!

Sheri owns A LOT of really tasty books!
This one in particular (her Hawaii State Life Insurance Exam Book)
I found particularly yummy - and somehow Sheri didn't mind that I chewed it up...
Wonder why? ;)

My favorite place to sleep is between Sheri & Mark's pillows on the bed.
What they don't realize is that I've claimed it as MY bed now but I'll be
nice and let them sleep on it. ;)

My favorite place to hang out during the daytime is the scale upstairs.
Sheri says I have an obsession with that scale and my weight -
it always turns on when I'm sitting on it - What she doesn't understand is that
I have to watch my little fuzzy figure... ;)

If you're wondering what the "B" in my name stands for it's Bear...
Sheri thinks I have the face of a bear cub...
I personally don't - what does she know about bear cubs living in Hawaii anyhow?

So anyway, that's been my week so far... I heard this weekend I'm visiting
someplace called the V..E..T.. Not sure, but it doesn't sound too fun. :(

Thanks everyone for reading!! Big fuzzy HUGS to all of you!!
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